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Terra Bridge and Terra Chain Mainnet to support instant Crypto Exchange

Terra Bridge

ContractLand recently announced the official release of its Terra Bridge and Terra Chain mainnet. Terra Chain is a high implementing application-specific blockchain.

The users can now experience almost immediate cross-chain transfer on a pure decentralized ecosystem in a pure decentralized process. ContractLand is a framework for the decentralized exchange of digital currency in a multi-chain platform.

The firm with Web 3.0 in mind builds the infrastructure to offer liquidity of tokenized assets over multiple blockchains via high performing multi-blockchain technology. The firm lowers threats and offers greater transparency for the user. It links blockchains via Terra Bridge

ContractLand’s RoadMap and its Accomplishments

ContractLand has been following the roadmap since the beginning. The firm and its development team had delivered some great milestones from the starting. On June 15 last year, ContractLand successfully deployed cross-chain transfer by using Terra-Bridge betwixt Terra testnet DEX and Ethereum.

Later on August 24, the team created Terra-chain testnet and connected Terra-bridge betwixt Terra testnet and Ethereum test net. And in early November last year, the firm rolled out Alpha Test Bounty.

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A Sneak Peak About Terra Chain

ContractLand Designed Terra Chain with scalability in mind to back critical mass. Terra Chain does not execute any inherent functionalities and unloads the application-specific logic to the application layer. The ContractLand’s blockchain doesn’t let arbitrary logic implementation but will be devoted to a single application domain.

The Terra Chain is operating with PoA consensus and it can currently manage about 3000 TPS. Another exciting feature of Terra Chain is that a DEX is created using Terra Chain can have the whole of the exchange platform built on on-chain. A DEX developed this way could offer stronger censorship resistance, minimize centralized operational threats and stronger security guarantee.

A Glimpse of Terra Bridge

The Terra Bridge offers the implement interchain communication in a multi-chain platform. The Bridge is a vital component of the framework as it not just lets individual app-chains to interact with each other. And it also provides the ability to interact with the other existing blockchain networks.

The ContractLand’s Terra Bridge not just permits the end user to make the cross-chain transfers across all the EVM based chains. But it also lets the user transfer bitcoin freely to Ethereum.

Terra Bridge is also a decentralized system which is totally independent of Terra Chain. It also runs on PoA consensus just like Terra Chain. Additionally, by using the bridge, DEX will open up assets available for trading to all the blockchain systems.

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