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Temtem – Not yet-another-creature-collecting game – Give a try!


Temtem is the online game developed by the Spain based gaming studio Crema and published by California based video game storefront Humble Bundle. This Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game was released via the gaming distribution service Steam through the early access model of funding on 21st January 2020.

Update (7:20 pm Pacific): After a wait of more than half an hour, I was able to access the patched version of the game, where I saw 6000 more ebullient people like me, and I had several means for killing time. But the queue kept mushrooming throughout the event.

Original story (12:45 pm Pacific): Though the game is highly inspired from Pokemon, the major difference held by Temtem is that it is a PC-based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).
As soon as the game was released, people started disappearing. There are various reasons for that – one of them being connectivity. Several people raised their voice that there were frequent server disconnects. At times, issues were seen when certain abilities of the game are brought up. Just like other, I too faced connectivity issues. Force quit was the only option I was left with, during the issues. Expecting Crema to address all these issues and stabilize the gaming experience.

During the age of trending online gaming, attention from streaming gamers is the remarkable platform to reach better than ever audience. Though Temtem was successful to the part of getting attention, it failed in sustaining the attention. Talking about the feel of the game, the environment of the game is very attractive and colorful. Though there are various features extracted from Pokemon, straightaway, the gaming experience can be said unique.

Certain comparisons can be made with Pokemon as:
Stamina bar of characters in Temtem deteriorate at a higher rate.

The stronger the attack, the more the energy consumed by the character. At times, you might be able to use the complete stamina of your character only once, when you use a strong attack. As stamina decreases your Temtem, it takes more and more exhaustion damage and finally falls fainted on zero stamina. This the time where the gamer must use strategy to estimate the safe place to attack, instead of merely attacking. Even if you are a pro gamer, you cannot win with attacking the opponent alone – you need a strategy and an estimate to utilize the stamina bar cautiously. Once you are victorious, you can start building your team.
There are various Temtem characters available – to be specific, the number is 161. All these Temtem characters have unique attacks and animations. The game comes up with quests that takes you to the deeps of the Temtem world, when you complete them. As many online games, you will be able to see other players with their custom Temtems roaming around you. There are airships, islands, anti-heroes and raking systems that you can enjoy while playing the game.

If you are looking a new age online role-playing creature-collecting game, Temtem is your cup of coffee. Keeping some connectivity issues and minor pinholes in the game, you will thoroughly enjoy the game and its environment. Kudos to Crema, Humble Bundle and Steam.

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