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Teltabit Announces the Global Launch of the Most Profitable Miners in the History of Cryptocurrency

Teltabit has recently announced the launch of miners with the highest hash rate, low power consumption and most profitability miners that will bring anyone who believes in making more money to invest in the cryptocurrency revolution.

As part of this new release, they will be launching four new high-quality cryptocurrency miners with the highest returns on investment in the cryptocurrency global market. Due to innovative technology, the company has successfully reduced the power consumption of miner hardware with up to 20% lesser than any in the market, and at the same time improved hash rate with up to 60%.

They recently revealed details about their new miners, which solve the biggest issues in crypto mining.

TeltaMulti T1.5:Bitcoin 23Th/s, Ethereum 40.2 MH/s, Monero 900h/s; GRIN 3.9 GPS,Zcash sols/s with low electricity consumption of 350W

Teltabit T10:90TH/s,1000W
Teltabit T15: 145TH/s,1500W
Teltabit T20: 198TH/s, 2000W

As has been the case with Teltabit’s previous products, these new miners also focus on providing a durable and easy experience. In addition to this, users can get them at a relatively affordable cost.

In regards to the launch, Teltabit released the statement, “Our team of scientists has been making tests and working hard for the last 3 years on this innovative technology”.

Their CEO, Mason Burrows has shown a keen interest in the longevity of cryptocurrencies. Focusing on improving the speed and security of the platform, he said, “Cryptocurrencies holds long-term promise, the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient wealth creation.”

Teltabit has shown with their latest miner launch that they care for innovation and effectiveness. Ever since their inception, they have continuously improved their services. As a result of this, they are among the leading and most reliable providers of miners globally.

Their latest four miners adequately show that their focus as a company lies in providing high-quality, efficient and affordable items to their customers. They’ve consistently pushed the boundaries in terms of innovation and technology, and continue to make strides.

About Teltabit
Teltabit is an experienced cryptocurrency miner manufacturing company with the best top-notch customer service. Founded in 2017, Teltabit has research and manufacturing centers in Tokyo, Japan. Their main headquarters is in Limburg, Netherlands.

What set them apart are their qualities of professionalism, sincerity, and efforts. Through these qualities, they have gained the trust and support of customers worldwide.

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56 Fulford Road, Pentr_bwlch, LL11 9AA, United kingdom
138-1111, Ohitomicho, Nishi-ku Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, Japan

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