Take All the Benefits of Modern Financial Systems With WEIcrypto

What Are the Problems Payment Systems Face?

The high-interest rates, credit dependence, and the risks related to loss of income prevent some people from financial freedom. In addition, the completely inhumane methods used to repay borrowed funds are just some of the reasons the present credit system is far from progress. These factors combine to leave individuals in a state that differs significantly from what is considered “development.”

What Does WEIcrypto Offer?

WEIcrypto is a unique ecosystem of decentralized financial services: WEI cryptocurrency, WEIpay payment system, and WEIpartner interest-free loans service.


WEIpay combines the convenience of online banking with the benefits of payment processing. With WEI, you can use features such as sending WEI by NFC or phone number and multiple wallets inside your account to make money usage as convenient as possible. 


With Wei Coin, you will enjoy all the benefits of cash. These coins are interchangeable, divisible, portable, and convenient. Using it, you can move WEI balances, transfer them, and keep track of their accounting. 


Through WEIback, the company aims to encourage WEI usage for its intended purpose of being a form of payment, thereby eliminating the issue mentioned above. To achieve this, the user who paid for the purchase with WEI and the merchant who accepted WEI as a payment method receive a 2 % from transaction amount reward from WEIcrypto.


WEIcrypto developed a new financing system based on risk-sharing and decentralization to correct the shortcomings of current credit institutions. Companies with WEIpay registrations are the recipients of the WEIpartner loan. 

On the voting platform, the master nodes with restricted access to the WEIpartner fund vote whether to accept or reject an application based on the information supplied.

When the borrower initiates the WEIpartner service, the user must place 30% of the required amount as collateral, and then the WEI masternode operators vote on the loan proposition. If the proposal is approved, the applicant receives the funding. No interest is charged on the loan, and even the collateral is returned upon returning the borrowed amount. To repay the loan borrower just needs to accept WEI as a means of payment.

What Makes WEIcrypto Different From Other Payment Systems?

WEIcrypto is a blockchain ecosystem that offers unique solutions that have no analogues both in the crypto and traditional financial sphere; therefore, WEIcrypto creates not only convenient but also profitable conditions to use decentralized finance and cryptocurrency in everyday life.


What Is the Goal of WEIcrypto?

WEIcrypto’s main objective is to ensure its clients’ welfare. Today’s technology makes it possible to accomplish this, along with clear usage guidelines. In addition, the software they use to manage their cryptocurrency wallets is comparable to the best online banking software. 

As a result, they are confident in their products because they enable users to guarantee the highest transaction security and speed levels.

What Are WEIcrypto’s Plans?

Already in November 2022, WEIcrypto launched an educational platform in which the team will not only tell the technical aspects of the blockchain but also explain how to use decentralization in business and how to build your own business in the blockchain sphere, and much more.

In 2027, WEIcrypto will introduce WEIsatellite, which will continuously broadcast the WEI blockchain to every person on Earth using a satellite space. As a result, the WEI network can remain stable in the event of an Internet connection failure, and the blockchain node will not become isolated.

About WEIcrypto

WEIcrypto is a decentralized business and personal finance platform. This is a first-of-its-kind project in the world that allows buyers and sellers to mine currencies, offer interest-free loans to companies worldwide, and mirrors the functionality of online banking.

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