Crypto Scams

TAGZ Accused of Being a Scam – By Scammers

It seems these days that every single thing related to Crypto or anything to do with Cryptocurrency in general is labelled a scam. TAGZ Exchange has been one such victim of targeted FUD and false allegations of being a scam.

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) boom throughout 2017 was a definite catalyst to forming the nowadays belief system that everything in Crypto is a scam along with the meteoritic rise of the value of Bitcoin which played a major part in people investing money into ICO’s, mostly all of which went belly up and caused a lot of heart ache to innocent people and to those who took part.

As 9 out of 10 of all ICO’s that were launched throughout 2017 have failed due to a multitude of reasons that can be pegged to most of these ICO projects being proven to be an outright scam, there are also those that are valid, above board and legitimate projects who try their best in challenging the status quo.

It is truly staggering to see that TAGZ is one of the very few legitimate and trustworthy Crypto Exchanges which has all the licensing and history to back it up but yet still there are people out there with bad intentions trying their hardest to bring down brands like TAGZ out of shear spite because they do not want to see them succeed based on their own personal failures and shear envy.

Sure, Crypto has its fair share of bad actors that can be found all around the web in all environments however there is one platform that scammers like best, and that is Telegram which has become a main focal point for scammers and their charades.

If you have been around Crypto in the last two years, you will most likely know that it isn’t hard to find FUD Groups made up of ill-intentioned people who will be more than happy to take your money as a fee to hire their ‘help’ by employing their Blackhat techniques with the sole ambition to take down less known brand names, websites and also Crypto projects like TAGZ. These FUD Groups and like-minded people will use a variety of techniques to get their FUD messages across, most of which take form within social networks and well-known forums like BitcoinTalk.

Facebook, Reddit, Youtube and are also other great social mediums that these scammers will use to create false and misleading content about company’s just because they have been paid to say the untruth.

Witnessed events including creating fake Twitter accounts posing to be the TAGZ company by using fake Tweets and ‘free money giveaway’ scams. These groups of scammers even use hundreds of their own fake Twitter accounts to post fake Tweets saying that they themselves have ‘been scammed’ by TAGZ or have lost money, which is complete and utter fabrication on their part in a combined effort to create the illusion of TAGZ being a scam when clearly they are not.

TAGZ’s recent milestone of becoming the number 1 crypto exchange in terms of volume on CoinMarketCap have caught some people of guard who didn’t expect so much success from the relatively new Cryptocurrency exchange this early. TAGZ CEO, Bryan Seiler, commented on record stating that TAGZ is fully licensed and regulated with AUSTRAC, which moreover proves the point that TAGZ is not a scam otherwise they wouldn’t be accredited and licensed in the first place.

The reason as to why TAGZ Exchange has become so popular is due to the reason that Crypto traders and enthusiasts love zero trading fees and the fact that TAGZ is a fully licensed Cryptocurrency exchange in Australia.

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