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T-Mobile Mocks AT&T For Updating Smartphone With A Feign 5G Logo


The tech industry doesn’t pay even the slightest attention to the Twitter antics of T-Mobile. However they did earlier today and slammed the popular mobile carrier in the US. They have reacted in a smart yet funny way to a few of the nonsenses from AT&T.

The reaction was based on the fact that, AT&T has reportedly updated few of the smartphones that features a 5G E network connectivity logo. The only problem with AT&T’s 5G E connectivity is that it is incapable of connecting to the 5G network frequency.

T-Mobile has tweeted a short video where a person has put a sticky note “9G” on an iPhone’s LTE icon. The stunt is simple, and at the same time, it is funny as well. It is an appropriate metaphor as to what AT&T is currently doing.

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Currently, the most preferred mobile carrier is updating three phones which show a pseudo-5G icon. The phones are Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, LG V30 as well as LG V40. These smartphones sport a pseudo-5G icon once they are connected to conventional LTE networks. The feat results in quite some formidable updates related to boosting of the speed.

Don’t get your hopes up

It is utterly true that the pseudo connections are a bit faster than the LTE network. But the mobile carrier AT&T is using the definitive 4G technology to improve the speed of these smartphones. This is simply a marketing strategy of the mobile carrier to get a good start when it comes to providing 5G network frequency.

AT&T is currently branding a speed-freak LTE tech which has not been rolled out yet. The evolution of 5G network from AT&T is just referring to the Advanced Pro and the LTE Advanced. There are also a series of upgrades related to tech that other significant carriers have rolled out since years. Verizon, another major mobile carrier has reportedly deployed the tech last summer in around 1,100 markets.

Quite An Old Trick!

T-Mobile has also revealed that the tech was live in 920 markets back in 2017’s November. Here, AT&T’s 5G Evolution lies behind with 400 markets when contrasted with that of Verizon and T-Mobile. By the looks of it, the mobile carriers are measuring things in their respective ways. They have even bickered about these things in the past years. It is clear that AT&T is very much behind the race already.

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On top of that AT&T also stuck a 5G sticker on top of their smartphones, right above the LTE logo. Nevertheless, it has not improved anybody’s phone. Even though, AT&T has upgraded their network slightly. So, even if they do not offer anything like the big carriers have not done already things aren’t that bad.

By the looks of it, the marketing antics of the 5G network is just the beginning. And the self-righteous T-Mobile pulled something like this back in 2010 – Claiming itself to be America’s significant 4G network.

The reason why people preferred 4G to LTE was due to the smart marketing claims while moving out of 3G. Things will be abundantly clear when 5G will head in the same direction

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