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Swapin, Formerly Piixpay, Announces New Product Roadmap Following Successful Funding Round

Swapin is the newly introduced brand name for the EU-regulated crypto payment infrastructure formerly known as PiixPay. The announced update is one of several significant milestones outlined by the company for 2022. 

The team reports that future product development and marketing will be boosted by the funds acquired from the recently completed investment round. Investors have expressed a keen interest in the project, with a successful €1.68M hard cap reached, per the management team’s statement.

Upcoming Swapin Development

The raised funds will be spent on meeting the ambitious goals outlined in the Swapin 2022 roadmap. The development plan for the year aims to scale a well-proven business model and expand the Swapin market share in key European regions like Germany, France, and the Nordic countries. These ambitious goals will also be supported with the help of enhanced product selection in the form of advanced website localization and the release of the multilingual Swapin mobile app.

In addition to market expansion, Swapin also looks forward to significant progress in the area of product development. Thus, this year the team is planning a platform functionality extension, such as adding a virtual IBAN issuing option. Also planned is the acquisition of an EMI license for Q4 2022. A more detailed step-by-step plan is available on the updated Swapin website. 

B2C Services

Swapin adopted and is expanding on the former brand’s product range adding in branding updates along the way. The company offers several unique crypto-to-fiat solutions in both the B2B and B2C market segments. Individual clients have access to instant crypto-to-IBAN payouts via the InstaFill and InstaPay options.

Although these options work in a pretty similar manner, InstaPay is geared towards one-off payouts. Whereas InstaFill allows linking a wallet address to the customer’s bank account, so each time the digital funds hit their wallet, they are automatically converted into euros and delivered to the IBAN account in just a matter of minutes.

B2B Products

The B2B-aimed products range is also exciting, as Swapin currently has two relevant solutions that resolve a number of pains that online businesses face. CoinCollector is an invoice issuance tool that allows an entity’s clients to pay their bills seamlessly with digital assets. The service enables the creation and sharing of unique payment links that can be paid in crypto and instantly converted to euros and delivered to the merchants account via SEPA transfer.

E-com is another valuable mention. It is a crypto-to-fiat payment solution that can upgrade any E-shop or marketplace into a crypto-friendly one. A highly compatible widget by Swapin’s E-com can easily be integrated and is capable of significantly expanding the client base by enabling those who prefer paying with digital assets. The merchant, in turn, is protected from exchange rate fluctuations, as E-com dynamically adjusts the price following the required value in euros.

About Swapin

Swapin is an EU-licensed, regulated crypto-to-fiat payment processing company. The company offers a complete set of turn key solutions aimed at bridging the gap between digital and fiat asset flow. Swapin allows the conversion of personal crypto funds or incoming payments in digital assets into direct deposit to the selected IBAN account, avoiding excessive accounting and legal compliance struggles.

The variety of ready-to-go solutions, targeted both at individuals and businesses, allows for immediate fiat settlement in the desired fiat currency in only a matter of clicks.

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