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Swaap v2 Launches: Revolutionizing DeFi Market Making with Secure, Autopilot Strategies

Paris, France, July 10th, 2023, Chainwire

Leveraging its successful $4.5m fundraising, Swaap launches its v2 protocol, bringing easy-to-use and powerful market-making strategies to the global DeFi community. Swaap v2 is unique in addressing key challenges such as impermanent loss which have plagued Liquidity Providers.

Swaap, the cutting-edge market-making protocol for blue-chip crypto assets, is thrilled to announce the launch of its v2 protocol. With an emphasis on ease of use, state-of-the-art strategies, strong security, and solutions to impermanent loss, Swaap v2 is poised to democratize access to advanced market-making tools for the global DeFi community.

What Sets Swaap v2 Apart: Making Market Making Effortless

For the first time ever, Swaap v2 offers anyone – from institutions to individuals – a seamless way to engage in advanced market-making strategies. The protocol uses mathematically optimized strategies, which means it intelligently adjusts fees and asset holdings to maximize returns while minimizing risks, all on autopilot. Importantly, Swaap v2 addresses impermanent loss, a problem that has deterred many from participating as liquidity providers.

Stanislas Barthélémi, an early user of Swaap v2, shares: “As someone who was an LP in traditional Automated Market Makers but was burned by Impermanent Loss, Swaap v2 has been a game-changer for me. It’s like having an expert trader working for you around the clock.”

The Tech Behind Swaap v2

With models built in collaboration with the Louis Bachelier Institute, a leading financial research institute, Swaap v2 brings the best of traditional financial market-making models to DeFi. It incorporates strategies that intuitively adapt to market conditions, safeguarding funds while optimizing returns. Moreover, liquidity providers can effortlessly engage with a wide array of assets across the Polygon and the Ethereum ecosystems.

Launch Partners Powering Swaap v2

Swaap v2 is backed by notable launch partners to ensure robust functionality and support. Chainlink provides critical price feeds for on-chain defensive mechanisms and safeguards, further reinforcing security for Liquidity Providers.

Additionally, Paraswap, Odos, and Open Ocean are onboard as aggregators, which already ensures significant volumes on the Swaap platform.

FRAX, a leading stablecoin protocol, has approved a proposal to incentivize liquidity on a FRAX-ETH pool on Swaap v2 to reinforce its role as a connector token in DeFi.

Built with Security at its Core

In the world of DeFi, security is paramount. Swaap v2 has undergone rigorous audits by ChainSecurity & Quantstamp. Furthermore, Swaap v2 pioneers defensive modules and on-chain protections that offer users additional peace of mind.

Swaap is celebrating the launch by offering Swaap tokens to the first wave of liquidity providers, seamlessly integrating them into the governance ecosystem.

“With Swaap v2, we’re not just launching a product; we’re catalyzing a movement to empower people globally through decentralized financial tools. Our goal is to ensure that anyone, anywhere, has access to sophisticated market-making strategies that were once reserved for high-net-worth individuals and established financial institutions,” says Cyrille Pastour, co-founder of Swaap.

“Swaap v2 is an eloquent example of what happens when innovation meets expertise. We believe Swaap is on the verge of redefining how DeFi engages with market-making, and we are thrilled to be part of this transformative journey.”, says Nikolai Lambsdorff, from Signature Ventures.

Liquidity Deposits to Secure Launch NFT

Swapp invites users to deposit liquidity in Swaap v2 to not only unlock the full potential of their assets but also to secure exclusive launch NFT. This uniquely designed digital asset is Swapp’s way of acknowledging users early participation and commitment to the evolution of DeFi.

Users who want to deposit liquidity to secure their piece of blockchain history and join the frontlines of DeFi innovation can visit this link.

About Swaap

Swaap is an innovative market-making protocol specializing in blue-chip crypto assets. Through pioneering models developed in collaboration with leading institutions, Swaap is revolutionizing DeFi market-making by providing liquidity providers with effortless and superior market-making strategies.


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