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Sunflower Land Announces the Launch of Witches’ Eve Season with Free Account Creation and Complimentary NFTs

July 27, 2023- Sunflower Land, the leading web3 farming game, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new season, Witches’ Eve, starting on August 1st. To celebrate this exciting event, Sunflower Land is offering free account creation and a complimentary Farm NFT to all players, enabling everyone to start their farming journey for free.

The Witches’ Eve season promises an immersive experience with the introduction of a captivating Corn Maze, designed by an enigmatic Witch. Each week presents a new maze, offering continuous challenges and opportunities to earn the prized Crow Feathers, the coveted currency of this season. Crow Feathers hold tremendous value as they can be used to craft rare collectibles, fashionable wearables, and delightful decorations.

Acquiring these extraordinary NFTs adds an exciting layer to the gameplay. Some items are available for a limited time, adding a thrilling race against the clock, while others such as Luna’s Hat and the Infernal Pitchfork are up for auction, inviting players to engage in friendly competition with their peers during the Witches’ Eve season.

The new season also introduces a significant update to the game, an MMO feature that enhances socialization within Sunflower Land. This feature allows players to interact with others, showcase their cosmetics, and collaborate to complete the maze, thereby enriching the game’s interactivity.

In the lead-up to the new season and recent announcements, Sunflower Land has seen a significant increase in its player base, doubling the number of new players joining the game.

Sunflower Land is excited to welcome all new and existing players to this enchanting new season. With the launch of Witches’ Eve, free account creation, and complimentary Farm NFTs, there has never been a better time to join the Sunflower Land community and embark on your farming adventure.

Start for playing Sunflower Land for free:


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