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SUBAJ Founder Adebayo Surakatu Wins Blockchain Man of the Year

SUBAJ Founder Adebayo Surakatu Wins Blockchain Man of the Year

With the blockchain sphere accommodating new ICOs on a daily basis across the board in all sectors, the technology is ever-expanding by leaps and bounds. Backed by the entrepreneurial spirit, visionaries and start-up founders have been exploiting the potential of blockchain technology to disrupt industries, eventually leading and influencing the cryptocurrency space. Today, with over 1691 cryptocurrencies listed in over 12166 different exchanges, the cryptocurrency market combined is valued at over $297 billion clocking a 24-hour volume of above $35 billion on a daily basis.

While people made fortunes overnight within the cryptocurrency space, the Blockchain space even though in its nascent stage is fortunate enough to have some of the most remarkable people that remain on their toes to develop this sphere and explore for opportunities to advance this unique technology to even greater heights. While such people create their mark that positively influences the entire blockchain arena, the industry honors the achievements of these amazing people and at the Global Blockchain Congress held on 16-17th July 2018 at Johannesburg in South Africa, awarded the outstanding success of such individuals for the adoption of Blockchain Technology.

Adebayo Surakatu, founder SUBAJ Global Network was one such crypto influencer that was awarded the ‘Most Promising Man in Blockchain’ Award for his outstanding contribution in the cryptocurrency space. With Blockchain as a game-changer being the underlying topic for discussion at the exclusive Global Blockchain Congress, prospects on the global growth aspects along with the opportunities that exist in decentralizing businesses using Blockchain Technology were explored. Global influencers, crypto-experts, civil society and the innovation convene came together for a riveting discussion about the power of Blockchain and ICOs in changing the world and its potential applications.

Adebayo Surakatu was one of the key speakers was awarded the ‘Most Promising Man in Blockchain’ Award by Mr. Stefan Van Graan, Chairman, DELL South Africa at the Global Blockchain Congress 2018, for his outstanding success in the development of SUBAJ Global Network, a global digital loyalty program.

About Adebayo Surakatu:
Adebayo Surakatu is GeoInformatic Engineer who worked in the field of Blockchain, FinTech, and Mobile Geospatial Technology for over 10 years. Surakatu has co-built a 2 Billion Euro Mobile Commerce Company and got it listed on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange Market. During his days, he has successfully implemented GeoCommerce and GeoTargeting Technology in Retail, Commerce, Blockchain and FinTech sectors.

Over the course of time, Surakatu attained immense experience in building and implementing technologies and went on to explore the Blockchain space to develop the SUBAJ Global Network, a decentralized global loyalty rewards program.

About SUBAJ Global Network:
SUBAJ provides a decentralized marketplace for companies, businesses, retailers, and merchants to participate in a decentralized loyalty program that while mutually benefiting the participants is a revolutionary rewards platform for customers. The participants on the SUBAJ network can create their own crypto tokens called business tokens on the SUBAJ platform that helps them with the branding prospects and offer such crypto-tokens to reward their customers as loyalty points within the SUBAJ Global Network.

The SUBAJ Exchange Platform allows users to exchange their earned rewards in the form of various business tokens and convert them into SUBAJ (SBJ) tokens that are accepted universally across all registered merchants/stores for redemption. Users can simply visit any partner store and purchase a product of their liking and redeem their SUBAJ tokens for making payments against their purchases. Users can further sell their SBJ tokens at our partner exchanges and even avail the benefits of encashing their rewards into Fiat Money, a feature that has never before realized on traditional loyalty programs.

Fuelled by four-ultra modern technologies including Augmented Reality (AR), Pokemon Go Concept, Social Gamification and the GeoDrop Technology, the participants can AirDrop offers on customers apps the nature of which can be time-based or location-based. The customers can also explore and unlock some special types of offers based on certain criteria and factors predetermined by the application.

With the Pre-ICO sale already live, SUBAJ is soon expected to formally launch its loyalty platform by Q2 2019, while 2018 will be a year where SUBAJ platform will complete its coin development and listing and launch its decentralized Exchange and Wallet applications.

Surakatu as a founder strives to build a borderless rewards platform where users and merchant participants can be mutually benefited. Capitalizing on SUBAJ, individuals across the globe will be allowed to access cryptocurrencies and eventually create awareness of the importance of such digital tokens and with millions expected to hold and rewarded in SUBAJ tokens, the values of SBJ tokens have the potential to drive up, creating value for its holders.

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