StrongNode Opens Registration Portal for Early Access

Web3 is the buzz of the internet that everyone has been talking about. The effects of its implementation and adoption on existing computing and storage systems cannot be overemphasized. We are talking of better speed, lower power consumption, user-tailored and user-controlled systems, elimination of central point of control, uninterrupted service, and transparency, to name a few. 

We are moving away from legacy computing infrastructures (power-hungry data centers) to edge computing infrastructure focusing on data processing at or near the source of data collection. Edge Computing is a more efficient and secure alternative to having a central data computing center that is miles away from the company or a device that utilizes the data. Leading the innovation of edge computing is StrongNode Edge.

StrongNode Edge is putting together an array of decentralized Web3 products driven by the Edge Network and capitalizing on blockchain for remittances, bonuses, efficiency across various blockchains, and more. The platform is set to open its registration portal on April 20th, 2022  for early access.

Early-Bird Registration and Access

The StrongNode team has started user registration as of April 20th, 2022, for early access to ‘The Edge,’ at their website This opens up an opportunity for interested individuals to create their basic profile and reserve a limited spot for early access to The Edge when available.

There will be 1000 spots available on a first-come-first-served basis. The availability of the SNE token soon arriving on the Ethereum blockchain allows for access to the world’s leading blockchain and a swathe of new users. It should also be noted that Seeding for StrongNode will not require tedious installation procedures or complex settings. It’s as simple as installing an app on your device.

With SNE arriving on Ethereum, it will also be listed on SNE’s 4th Centralised Exchange – In other words, $SNE will be listed on both Ethereum and

An Overview of StrongNode Edge

StrongNode is a platform that delivers IaaS as a scalable and secure node technology, remodeling the process of accessing and monetization of compute resources.

StrongNode is employing a ‘down to the last mile’ approach to build a global web network by utilizing the unused computing power of thousands of node seeder’s devices.

Currently under construction, the core StrongNode Edge product will allow any users to connect their devices to the Edge and provide unused compute resources like RAM power to the network. They get to earn $SNE tokens in the process.

Companies and Industries needing these compute resources will buy them for use in their supply chain, with the option of paying with SNE tokens, US Dollars, or a combination of both currencies ($SNE and USD). If only USD is used, then a portion is used to ‘market buy’ SNE tokens to fill the rewards pool for Node Seeders.


In this unfolding era of Web3, Blockchain technology has made it possible to decentralize data computing and data storage fully. Cloud computing and storage will gradually fade away because of their inability to effectively handle complex and voluminous data that are springing up due to technological advancement. Users, on their part, can now have control without necessarily going through a third party. Platforms like StrongNode Edge bring computing closer to the data source, increasing speed and efficiency.

When registered, Edge Seeders will have an opportunity to earn passively by using the spare compute resources from their devices. 


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