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StrongNode Edge to Launch a decentralized VPN Service in Q2 2022

StrongNode Edge, an infrastructure-as-a-service company building a web of decentralized web3 products, will launch a decentralized Virtual Private Network (dVPN) in Q2 2022.

Eye on the Multi-billion VPN Industry

According to details, the dVPN will allow StrongNode users to earn SNE, the platform’s native token, when they act as end-points. On the other hand, users who want to access the robust and blockchain-based VPN services must acquire SNE tokens to make payments. While the service will be available to interested users, registration is required to weed out bad actors. Accordingly, StrongNode Edge has said all users must register using their StrongNode ID, a move that will require users to submit personal information as part of KYC.

The dVPN is one of the many dApps set for launch from the secure StrongNode Edge platform. These products will work in synchrony in a symbiotic relationship to prop the SNE token economy directly. The decision to deploy a VPN is timely given the high demand for privacy preservation and to bypass walls that limit information flow across some jurisdictions. 

Typically, a VPN provides users “with online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection”, according to Norton. This way, the provider adds, VPNs can mask the user’s IP address translating to untraceable internet activities, a reason why observers consider VPN an essential privacy tool.

Records indicate that the VPN market could rise to over $107 billion by 2027, expanding from roughly $35 billion in 2020– growing at a 17 percent CAGR during the period. A notable driver for this near 4X increase is the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw internet browsers demand more information access while also tightening loose ends to prevent cyberattacks. 

Trusted VPN providers provide a cushion for end-users, incorporating critical security implementations in preventing hacks. Under the forecasted period, China is expected to be the fastest-growing market, spearheading what is projected to be a $13.54 billion market in Asia-Pacific by 2027.

Harnessing a Trifecta of Idle Computing Resources

The launch of the dVPN reflects StrongNode Edge’s mission of building a wide range of core computing products primarily related to node architecture and edge computing solutions. Besides the dVPN, the development team is also building a networked model of interaction, which will see the network utilize idle resources like computing power within the node network, helping create an interactive, cyclic and beneficial ecosystem beneficial for all node clients. 

In this arrangement, and especially harnessing, repurposing, and monetizing idle computing power, it will be incredibly easy for users with SMART devices to connect to the platform’s Edge, tapping unused computing resources such as RAM and GPU cycles, storage, or bandwidth, and more to power their activities while paying using a combination of SNE and fiat. 

Meanwhile, node operators who “seed” will earn SNE tokens. To tap on idle storage from seeders, StrongNode Edge will have a data storage component that snugly integrates with bandwidth lifecycles making it easier for users to retrieve and process data. 

Listing on MEXC

Since SNE is central to the StrongNode Edge’s ecosystem, the team announced plans of listing the token on MEXC—a top and liquid cryptocurrency exchange—on March 14, 2022, from 1500 UTC, where the token will be paired with USDT. The team will distribute $40k in SNE to top traders to celebrate this listing. At the same time, SNE holders will be free to stake under the MX DeFi program, receiving high yields.

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