Streamlining Crypto Use, Life Crypto Offers Easy Handling Along with DeFi and Banking Services

Stamping out the complexity in handling and using cryptocurrencies, Life Crypto is a non-custodial wallet service that offers the same ease of operations as you would in using a legacy banking mobile app.

Filled to the brim with different features, Life Crypto is all about making crypto usage a breeze.

The Complexities of Crypto

Using complex mathematics as the underlying protocol to power the whole ecosystem, blockchains require a substantial learning curve since it relies on cryptography (hence the name cryptocurrencies). This leads to a whole set of problems that makes it harder or insecure for the general public to use.

Both the private and public keys, also known as passwords and wallet addresses respectively, are complex and long and easy to forget, making it difficult not only to access private wallets but also to remember to transfer cryptos to the right one. Transferring assets to the wrong address or forgetting your keys is a sure-shot way of losing your assets forever.

With the rise of DeFi and other crypto financial services such as DEXs, it is becoming more difficult to make the best of crypto assets as users need to have a knowledge of how to connect their wallets to the right service and hop through the complicated steps.

Blockchains also carry the limitations of being siloed and not being able to interact with each other, isolating a crypto user to one specific chain.

While there are centralized services that do overcome these issues, they are – after all – centralized and prone to security issues. This becomes a very big concern as the tokens stored are in the custody of the service, not the users.

Streamlining with Life Crypto

Understanding the barriers to mainstream adoption and the difficulty for crypto newbies, Life Crypto is a complete ecosystem that merges the ease of services offered by central platforms and wallets, yet keeps the core value of decentralization intact.

Within Life Crypto, anyone can create a preferred username that will act as your wallet address, making it easier to identify your wallet for others. At the same time, using a 4 digit PIN or face recognition allows you to instantly sign in to your wallet, forgoing the need to use a long character string to sign in.

With millisecond transfers, Life Crypto is not only amongst the fastest wallets to send and receive, but it also has built-in staking for its native LIFE token, offering 30%, 35% and 39% APR (much higher than what banks would offer on fiat). The wallet also supports ERC20 and BEP20 standards, allowing users to switch between the two chains for a common asset.

With the upcoming LIFE debit card that will be powered by one of the leading payment processors in the world, users will be able to instantly use their assets in the real world. All they need to do will be to swipe the card at one of the millions of merchants where it is accepted. The merchant will be paid in the local currency and the appropriate amount deducted from the user’s Life Wallet.

A Powerful Team with a Powerful Solution

The Life Crypto mobile app is in full development and will be released soon in the coming months. Users who sign up in advance will have the option to reserve their preferred username (subject to availability), allowing them to gear up for using the simplistic yet powerful services of Life Crypto.

Powered by its native LIFE token and a competent team of crypto/blockchain enthusiasts, professionals from the IT industry (have worked with big names such as Microsoft, Oracle etc.) and multiple technical and financial roles, Life Token presents a streamlined solution to the problems faced by cryptos and the adoption barriers involved.

Check out Life Crypto’s website to know more or get in touch with the team on Twitter and Telegram.

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