Streamflow: The Future of Streaming Payments

In today’s high-tech society, existing payment systems make no sense. The time it takes for workers to complete this job diverts them from more productive duties and towards mundane bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

In the world of decentralized banking, streaming payments – moving money from one account to another and then to others – has long been regarded as the Holy Grail.  As a result of the inefficiencies of the existing financial and IT infrastructure, crypto businesses are turning to low-cost, high-throughput blockchains. 

A token distribution platform, Streamflow, is providing organizations with the tools they need to manage their treasury and transfer value effectively.

Streaming payments are the foundation for progressive payroll, fundraising, investing, equity vesting, subscriptions, and many other pay-per-usage applications.

 With Streamflow, companies are utilizing an easy-to-use platform and choosing the flow rate of tokens which remains constant over time. 

Here are some of the benefits of Streaming payment through Streamflow:

Flexibility of choice

A cryptocurrency can be volatile if it is not a stable coin. The ability to decide what token you pay into can be very valuable. Users can choose from various cryptocurrencies to pay.


There are a variety of unique and flexible features in Streamflow payroll streams that are beneficial to both employers and employees. The entire payroll system becomes bankless and paperless, saving you time and money. You only need a decentralized wallet account, funds, and the wallet addresses of your employees to set up payroll streams.

Fully Decentralized

It is annoying to deal with financial institutions. Clients have to pay commissions, exchange rates, and fees because all of them are money-making methods.

On the other hand, payment streams are completely decentralized and developed using the best decentralization standards. Payment stream rules can be fine-tuned from the start and altered while they are still being processed, so you don’t have to rely on third parties.

Additionally, the sent token is automatically removed from the sender’s wallet and can be immediately spent by the receiver.

Earning yield on stream

The idea behind Streamflow is to make streams of income potential by lending them out, collateralizing them, trading them, breaking them up into smaller streams, or grouping them into larger streams. Streamflow envisions a world where money never stops flowing and streaming.

Live Payroll Streams Management

You will be able to see the unlocked amount being updated in real-time, as well as some additional information about the status of their payroll stream on the sender’s end.

If the sender has given users permission to do so, they can also cancel or move a stream to another address. Additional dollars can also be added to the live stream through a top-up option.

Features to be added in the future

Streamflow is working towards being the first to use the streaming primitive on Solana and in the crypto world. The next set of improvements the platform is working on is tremendously popular within the Solana community. These are they:

  • A user-friendly multi-sig wallet
  • Batch payments 

What lies in the future for Streamflow?

Streamflow is currently available on the mainnet. Moving forward, the company will do the following:

  • Increase team onboarding to the Streamflow token distribution suite
  • Contracts with liquid vesting
  • Introduce a user-friendly and strong multi-signature wallet
  • Adding support for batch payments.
  • A full-fledged dashboard experience with comprehensive UI/UX update.


On Solana, Streamflow is providing the streaming primitive web3 investors, customers, and builders demand. And with the Jump Crypto as the lead investor streamflow is set to gain a strong partner with an impressive track record in growing and scaling pivotal crypto products.

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