StarMon, the Metaverse Chain Game, has Launched Alpha Playtest and is about to Start a New Wave of Play to Earn Games

Following the announcement of tech giant Facebook’s entry into the metaverse, the metaverse has become almost the hottest topic in the tech sector, and blockchain gaming, which is closely related to the metaverse concept, has been able to grow rapidly on this wave. Blockchain games, led by Axie, have also yielded  unusually brillant results this year, its Play to Earn model allows player to make a huge fortune. If you are also in search of a promising chain game at early stage to enjoy the development divident, please do not miss the StarMon.

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StarMon(full name: Star Monster Metaverse) is a 3D version Play to Earn Chain Game, based on BSC chain, and it builds a virtual world: Andres Land. There are many creatures with superpowers called – Starmon. After entering the Andres Land, players can collect, train and breed various Starmons, at the same time direct them to do adventure, battle and through other ecosystem contribution to earn crypto assets.

StarMon was launched as a badge NFT through YooShi GamePad in September. Thanks to its high-quality 3D production, grand worldview and various Play to Earn gameplay, StarMon has fulfilled almost all the fantasies of chain game players in the early days of the metaverse, and has thus gathered a large number of chain game fans worldwide in a short period of time. Just two months past, StarMon has launched its Beta version for Alpha game on November 10th, which means that the official launche of the Play to Earn game is expected very soon. 

The Beta version of StarMon game is becoming so popular since its release, tens of thousands of fans who have been following StarMon actively join the playtest, and many KOLs from Malaysia, India, Brazil and other global GameFi fields come to support StarMon on YouTube, Twitter and other media and social platforms. These KOLs have hundred of thousands or even millions of followers across the world, it is fine to say the StarMon will be so hot when its game is officially launched.


What’s so attractive about StarMon that has attracted such a high level of interest from the global GameFi community?

StarMon provides players a pet strategy matchmaking game scene. Even it is still in beta version, but its 3D production, smooth matchmaking experience and cool visuals bring chain gamers a different experience. As can be seen from the actual operations on the StarMon Beta version game, it is fair to say that the threshold for participation is low and players can quickly get started. But to be a great player, you also need to study the designs of the game system in depth.


In the StarMon game setting, Starmons are essential characters of the game and are also a rare and tradable NFT asset, each with different appearance, elemental attributes, ability values, skills, personalities and talents. Players need to be familiar with the various elements of the game and develop strategies to improve their Starmons’ performance in battles. These settings certainly add to the complexity of the game, but they also enhance the playability of StarMon game.


Taking the element attributes as example, there are 13 elemental attributes in the StarMon game, and they are bound and restrained by each other. When playing against each other, the elemental restraint side can deal twice the damage to the restrained side’s Starmon, while the opponent’s damage to his own Starmon is only half of the normal, and the restraint relationship of elemental attributes also applies to the skill release effect. In addition, the battle performance of Starmon is also related to the battlefiled and weather, for example, Starmon will also receive buff to their battle power when they are in suitable fields or weather conditions.


Such a rich combat mechanisms setting and high quality production can be considered top of the line in the entire Chain Game sector. Besides, like Axie and other Chain Games, StarMon supports Play to Earn!

In the StarMon economic model, in addition to SMON as a governance token, GST (Goddess Tears) is also a crypto asset that rewards players with GST and other items every time they win a battle scenario, and by completing the StarMon’s mission system, including daily mission, weekly mission and special mission, players are able to earn a steady stream of GST income. After the game is officially launched, GST will be used for Starmon breeding consumption, and the value of GST is guaranteed as more players are on board.

Plays can access to the Starmon official website and download the game by clicking the “Play Now”.Starmon trade marketplace:


If you want to participate the Play to Earn model in Starmon, you need to prepare at least 3 Starmons, or 4 Starmons are required in some special game scenarios. 

Currently, StarMon has opened a Starmon trading marketplace, due to limited Origin Starmon supply, only a few thousands, the lowest price for an Origin Starmon exceeds 1 BNB. But those who want to participate in Play to Earn with modest budget, you don’t need to worry about missing out, as StarMon will soon be launching a breeding system that will give new players an even greater selection of extremely cost-effective Starmons. Certainly, Origin Starmons are relatively outstanding in terms of both scarcity and abillity, and it is a good deal to breed offspring through Origin Starmons and then trade them.


From what StarMon has publicly disclosed, its goal goes beyond simply a pet strategy matchmaking game. In the future, StarMon will also open up the Land NFT section, allowing players to dress up and build their own virtual homes with the props they get in the game. In the context of upcoming Metaverse trend, StarMon’s ultimate vision is to become a second space for people to work, play and socialise.

The quality of StarMon’s current games and the efficient and professional team behind them demonstrate the strength to carry its vision for the future, besides, it is still at a very early stage, this opportunity is too good to miss. It is highly recommended that players to enjoy this Beta version, to experience the game for free and develop their own matchmaking strategy, to get involved in the Play to Earn model later in a more cost-effective way.

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