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Stardew Valley 1.4 Update adds new Features to the Gameplay

Stardew Valley

The most awaited update of Stardew Valley, 1.4 updates has finally released. The gamers are going to gather around and light a fire in their gaming profiles. So far, the update is said to be a significant renovation that has touched every single grain, plank, and villagers across the valley. Some of the gamers who have already taken a look at the new gameplay have teased out most details.

The update has brought an entirely new polish level to make, which makes crop growing much more comfortable than before. The people are in love with the Stardew Valley. In xaddition to this, the game has become a phenomenal fan following across several platforms. It is sometimes tough to believe that the game isn’t in its final form yet.

The developer of Stardew Valley, Eric “ConcernedApe,” Barone was quite busy in teasing the ultimate development of the game for quite some time now. Given that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, if people will be bored to see their relatives swarming in their homes, then they can get busy with 1.4 update.

The 1.4 update has changed almost everything in the game

1.4 update’s scope has reportedly expanded, and they have been drip-few with some of the new features. By the looks of it, almost every single aspect of Stardew Valley has reportedly been addressed through the massive update. Moreover, players would be glad to know that they would find newly added end-game content. Additionally, the new update brings around 14-heart events along with fish ponds, spouses, a completely new map design, multiplayer gameplay.

ConcernedApe has also added around 60 completely new items alongside hundreds of cosmetic items, among others. The latest update also brings several life improvements like gamers can track likes & dislikes of villagers. At the beginning of November 2019, Barone said that his goal was to polish the entire game with the 1.4 update. Barone has done justice with the 1.4 update as the game, and its gameplay looks anew.

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In 1.4 updates, all of the bugs have been fixed, which had become a regular part of the game. Also, the update has fixed quite annoying and weird things concerning the feel and controls of the game. The new update is by far the most significant update of Stardew Valley since the addition of multiplayer in the gameplay back in July 2018.

When did Barone release the 1.4 update?

The update came into being on the 26th of November 2019 for PC gamers. The update is entirely free, and if the audience well receives the update, then it would hit gaming consoles as well as mobile in a few weeks.

The developer also mentioned that he doesn’t plan to bring multiplayer into the mobile version of Stardew Valley. The PS Vita users would be glad to know that Stardew Valley is going to receive a relatively small update that would fix most of the gameplay. Moreover, the multiplayer update version 1.3 did manage to pass on certification, and it will hit Xbox One gaming consoles in just a few days.

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