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Spine-Chilling Thriller Movie Reviews By Vinay Kumar Nevatia


Movies with twists and turns have really superimposed contemporary movies. Well, we all like the upside-down plot turning good guys to bad and vice-versa

Vinay Kumar Nevatia reviews the top 5 thriller movies below. Most of these movies are about confronting the fear of death and giving it a knock on the head.  They are less about general scenarios in which the common man is surviving harrowing tales.

Top 5 Thriller Movie Reviews By Vinay Kumar Nevatia



Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Todd Philips, Zazzie Beetz

Arthur Fleck (Joaquin), who is in a mid-life crisis, takes up a clown job as a part-time job to make money. He suffers from a condition of uncontrollable laughter and ends up in the worst situations due to it. He also shares his apartment with his sick mom. This movie is difficult to watch without getting emotional.. However, it is impossible to take your eyes off Joaquin’s brilliant performance. Vinay Kumar Nevatia ranks it at the top of his list.

The Lodge


Starring: Richard Armitage, Veronika Franz, Alicia Silverstone

The lodge is one of the best thriller movies 2020 that climbs through the least melancholy to the all-out hysteria. The plot follows a family retreating to their winter cabin during the holidays. It adds a pinch of horror and thrill when the father leaves the family for an urgent project. In his absence, the children and (soon to be) stepmother experience and a number of disturbing events connecting the past in a suicide fad.

Cold Pursuit


Starring: Liam Neeson, Emmy Rossum, Laura Dern

Cold pursuit, available on Pubfilm is an engaging thriller and a dark comedy. It starts with a tragedy and its first half seems dead. The movie starring Liam (everyone’s favorite father character from the ‘Taken’ franchise) depicts the emptiness of avenging.

21 Bridges

21 bridges-vinay-kumar-nevatia

Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Sienna Miller, Taylor Kitsch

In this groundbreaking thriller movie review, you will get to see multiple actions and car chase sequences. It has an interesting projection of different aspects of the law. It is more of a crime thriller which makes it a must-watch.

The Invisible Man


Starring: Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Cohen, Leigh Whannell

It is a sought-after mixture of psychological thriller and a bit of horror. You can find it on Pubfilm. The story begins with Cecilia (Elisabeth) losing her sanity when she finds that she is being cheated by someone who is invisible to others. Eventually, she desperately tries to prove it to others, and the movie takes you on a roller-coaster ride thereafter.

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This article has the best thriller movie reviews. You can find the thriller movies mentioned in this review as per your preferences on Pubfilm.

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