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South East Asia leads the way for crypto tourism

south east asia

South East Asia leads the way for crypto tourism

The blockchain and crypto industry has been revolutionary in itself. It almost seemed like they have had
shown all the tricks they had up their sleeves but they proved it wrong. This very industry has been
unveiling astonishing developments to its users and invigorating a sense of “newness” to itself. At this
point, it is starting to sound like a sentient organism, devising new advancements in every step of its
way. The latest in their visionary roster is a concept which has been labeled as “Crypto tourism”. This
season is trending this very season and has produced a lucrative outlook to itself by luring in the
enthusiasts from every corner of the crypto space and that too on a global scale. This is also a calling for
a high ride atop the wave of interests around crypto coins and maximizing the size of each return.
However, there’s an alarming rate of growth pertaining to the high dynamicity of crypto. But a visionary
can always find equal opportunities to increase their returns and given there’s a higher chance of the
rise of new gen millionaires, such ventures seem plausible.

The impact of it

The tourism industry can be seminal in most countries and perhaps is one of the largest contributors to
the economy of the globe. There was a tentative revenue of eight trillion dollars which was generated
last year. That amount makes the industries contribution self-explanatory. South East Asia individually is
responsible for hosting over one hundred and thirty million guests per year.
This gigantic size of this particular industry has given considerable leverage to use this trend for the
advancement of crypto adoption. Thus, giving a whole new form to crypto tourism, which refurbishes
and innovates the industry of tourism in a new light. But that growth, however, won’t be a cake walk.
Crypto tourists who are exploring uncharted places on the world would require a fast, transparent and
credible platform for exchange, which might incur a higher demand for that system. Additionally, crypto
exchanges are rare and can’t be availed of easily.

The issue of vulnerability

But the crypto franchises and service providers are stepping up their game and starting to address this
issue of vulnerability. Places which are known to be a crypto friendly like Thailand, Singapore or
Philippines are seeing a hike in the number of crypto startups who are slowly getting the global crypto
space, offering their visitors access to their respective digital funds regardless their geographical
To put things into a real perspective, here’s what’s happening in many South Asian nations.
from the Philippines is facilitating easy remittances for crypto assets including withdrawal and crypto
exchanges. But the crypto price is fixed by the exchanges themselves.
Everex from Thailand is providing all kinds of fiat and crypto transactions. Their very own token based on
ETH can also be traded with. But be sure to check the eligibility requisites since the exchange is not open
for all nationalities. Some other exchanges that offering similar facilities are Coinhako from Singapore
and Luno from Malaysia.
As one can see, the possibilities here are endless.

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