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Solana Memecoin MEW Partners with LOCUS Animation Studio To Create New 3D Animated Series

Solana Memecoin MEW Partners with LOCUS Animation Studio To Create New 3D Animated Series

MEW aims to become a worldwide entertainment and retail brand with new 3D animated series

MEW, a leading cat-themed token on the Solana blockchain, partners with animation studio LOCUS to create a new 3D animated series. MEW is the first worldwide entertainment brand and retail product line started by a memecoin community.

LOCUS produces 3D animations and TV series primarily in the Korean market. After raising about $17.5 million in investments in their pre-IPO process last year, LOCUS is set to IPO early next year, with a focus on expanding internationally.

MEW aims to become the highest viewed and most recognized memecoin among fans in a worldwide audience. By expanding its digital media presence with LOCUS’s 3D animation, MEW can begin to capture the attention of film and TV audiences.

About MEW:
Cat in a dogs world (MEW) is a Solana memecoin that is the leader in the cat memecoin category. MEW first gained attention by airdropping tokens to BONK, WIF, and Solana Saga 2 mobile phone holders when it launched in March 2024. As the first cat token to break past an all time high of $900 million marketcap, MEW quickly became a favorite among memecoin traders, setting the stage for a new era of cat coins where previously only dog-themed coins prevailed. MEW currently has around 200,000 holders and is looking to expand to 2,000,000 holders by the end of the year.

As a memecoin, MEW stands out and excels in mainstream consciousness with digital media. Combining memes and pop culture, MEW is gaining traction by producing new art, apparel, and entertainment products based on its character IP.

About LOCUS:
LOCUS has produced well-established IPs like Red Shoes and Yumi’s Cells, both popular in Korea, and their cinematic releases have also reached 128 countries worldwide. Working with MEW is an extension of LOCUS’s expertise in creating beloved icons with cultural relevance. This new partnership brings MEW IP to the masses by combining best-in-class animation with a grassroots Solana-powered community.

“Building on our accumulated expertise in story creation and animation production, LOCUS aims to rapidly expand into branded content production and the IP digital asset business. This collaboration with MEW marks the beginning of LOCUS’s journey into the Web3 market, offering significant opportunities for future business ventures.” – Leo Kangsan Kim, Head of the DX Business Division at LOCUS.
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Twitter: @mewsworld
Instagram: @catinadogsworld 

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