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SOL Network Stumbles Again: What’s Causing the Outages?

SOL Network Stumbles Again: What's Causing the Outages?

Solana’s blockchain network has gained massive popularity due to its efficiency, stability, and low transaction fees, making it a go-to platform for Cryptocurrency transactions. However, recent outages have jeopardized Solana’s reputation and called into question its ability to deliver reliable services. 

25th February marks yet another major setback for the Solana (SOL) blockchain, as an extended outage brings its mainnet beta to a halt. Despite all the necessary measures and upgrades being implemented, the Solana Foundation’s report has failed to uncover the root cause of this significant performance degradation. 

The outage caused serious transaction disruptions, leaving no other option but to reboot the network – a decision that was met with great criticism from the developer community. Expert opinion is divided on the issue – some remarking how their trust in the platform has been damaged due to the incident, whilst others still remain confident that a resolution can be reached soon enough. 

What are the Views of Community Members around the world?

Different members have different opinions or views regarding the outages. DBCryptoX, one of the significant parts of the community, recently highlighted a critical design flaw in Solana’s blockchain network that could be causing widespread outages. 

Creativedrewy, the mobile app developer for Solana, on the other hand, responded by affirming their commitment to focus on security over liveness – highlighting their commitment to keeping the platform secure. 

This statement seems to be indicative of the longer-term approach being taken by the team – one characterized by caution and attentiveness as opposed to recklessness. While this might mean slower progress in some areas, it is also likely to result in fewer pitfalls and sturdier development overall.

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