Skylaunch Is Building A Multichain IDO Platform To Foster The Next Generation Of Blockchain Startups

IDO launchpads altered and improved the way DeFi projects raise funding. It is widely acknowledged that it will be challenging to foster the growth of the next generation of blockchain startups without innovative IDO platforms. IDO is a much better fundraising method in the blockchain space than other token launch models such as ICO. The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is a well-organized and efficient model for blockchain fundraising.

Interestingly, IDO launchpads are now going beyond just providing a platform to raise funds for new blockchain startups but are also providing Post IDO support and governance structure to ensure that blockchain projects can continue to grow and reach new heights. In this article, we’ll take a look at Skylaunch, an innovative IDO platform, and how it intends to foster the next generation of blockchain startups.

The Innovative SkyLaunch IDO Launchpad

SkyLaunch is a multi-chain IDO launchpad that aims to move away from a solely fundraising model and become more comprehensive by providing all necessary Pre IDO and Post IDO support, tools, and resources for projects listed on its platform. SkyLaunch is more of a platform for IDO accelerators. Its business model is intended to ensure projects’ long-term growth and sustainability long after their IDO rounds are completed. Synergia Capital VC fund, a reputable VC firm with a track record of successful blockchain projects, is backing SkyLaunch. SkyLaunch is a multi-chain launchpad platform based on multiple EVM compatible chains. The initial launch of SkyLaunch would be on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

SkyLaunch intends to move away from the traditional model of IDO launchpads as solely a fundraising model to become more comprehensive by providing all necessary support, tools, and resources for projects listed on its platform both before and after the IDO.

SkyLaunch provides product development, information security, law, finance, project marketing, and other services to blockchain startups needing a platform to host their first IDO. In addition, SkyLaunch addresses the critical concerns that must be addressed for a project to have a successful IDO and continue to be successful.

SkyLaunch also uses an on-chain score mining algorithm that is transparent to ensure more equitable token allocations and to reward investors. Another tool, the auto-pilot feature, was also implemented to ensure that investors did not miss out on exciting projects. SkyLaunch grants projects on its platform access to its extensive alliance network, which includes a number of cryptocurrency partners, following the success of an IDO. SkyLaunch allows projects listed on the platform to gain access to opportunities such as exchange listing, market-making services, security protocols, treasury management, liquidity provision, and secondary OTC swaps.

Skylaunch, the IDO Platform For The Next Generation Of Blockchain Startups?

IDO launchpads are critical platforms for blockchain projects, facilitating the growth of projects through funding. However, the next generation of blockchain startups will require much more than just funding. They need structure and support to help them reach new heights. Innovative IDO launchpads, such as Skylaunch, aim to provide Pre and Post IDO support to projects, easing the path to success for next-generation blockchain startups.

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