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Singapore’s GCOX to Launch Pacquiao’s Cryptocurrency


The World’s First Global Celebrity Cryptocurrency Exchange is all geared up to launch its first cryptocurrency, leveraging on boxing legend Manny Pacquiao’s acclaim. According to reports, Singapore-based GCOX (Global Crypto Offering Exchange) is planning to launch the tokens by the end of this year or in the first quarter of 2019.

Setting a New Trend

The GCOX Startup has built a blockchain-based platform that enables celebrities to create their personal cryptocurrency, thus tokenizing their popularity; and control their ITS listing simultaneously. The Philippine Boxing Legend and present statesperson Manny Pacquiao teamed up with GCOX earlier this year to become the first celebrity to release his exclusive Celebrity Token. Following the lead are Celebrities like Jason Derulo and Michael Owen who have also signed up to the platform as well.

According to a GCOX Press Release, GCOX is planning to launch Pacquiao’s celebrity token called “Pac Tokens” by late 2018 or early 2019. The company firmly believes that before the end of this year, the Philippine SEC would finalize its official regulation on ICO’s.

Features and Facts

The striking feature of this platform is that it allows the fans to directly interact with the celebrities. Subsequently fans can use the Pac Tokens to buy Pacquiao’s merchandise like used gloves, boxing jackets and other accessories.  The GCOX is yet to close its discussions with Pacquiao’s officials regarding the volume and value of tokens in the IO (Initial Offering).

GCOX has different platforms created on its own Acclaim blockchain, like Celeb-Connect and Celeb-Charity. The celebrity token ecosystem (CTE) built on this Acclaim blockchain utilizes Acclaim Token (ACM) as its initial currency. These tokens are presently being restricted to every celebrity’s framework. However, fans can utilize the ACM token as a way of exchange among different celebrity frameworks.

The Baton-bearers

In early 2018, the football players Andrés Iniesta and Carles Puyol stepped into the world of blockchain and built a social network called Olyseum. The platform was aimed at allowing the fans to interact with their favorite star players. The network here uses blockchain-based solutions and smart contracts to supervise community interactions and exclusivity of participations.

In mid 2018, the American pop star Akon announced his plan of building his own cryptocurrency called the Akion.

Evidently, celebrities this year, have shown a major interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. From musicians to football players, the international industry has been witnessing a spike on the scale the celebrities are involving.

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