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ShareMeAll to Open Gates for Sharing of Skills and Products From Anywhere To Anyone Across the Globe

The world order has been transforming since the advent of the Blockchain technology. The idea of decentralization, its impact and significance is being acknowledged and accepted largely by intellectuals all over. Yet, the Blockchain-altered system and the traditional centralized system seemingly portray a parallel run throughout. Where there is one section of the globe that is openly embracing the change on every walk, on the other end exists a world that dwells in sheer oblivion of Blockchain’s revolutionary front. The situation, undeniably, calls for a bold initiative that makes an effort to merge the traditional with the contemporary and devices a model that can reach and serve millions of people simultaneously.

Rising to the occasion, the ShareMeAll Project has taken a step to bridge the gap with its novel online trading platform, ShareMeAll. The platform that is all set to hit the global market is an exchange and sharing alternative community project that enables trade not only of skills but also of objects and assets including all or parts of the users’ homes, their cars, and anything else tangible or intangible. Designed on lines of the past-existing barter system, ShareMeAll works in a similar manner where users can offer their skills, goods, products and services; and obtain the platform-specific eSwitch® tokens in return. These tokens can further be used by them to benefit from services presented by participants from some other corner of the world. With ShareMeAll, ShareMeAll strives to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to the general public by allowing a simple daily use on its platform.

Trust is one of the major factors lacking in the traditional procedures of trade where authenticity of goods, transparency of proceedings and accurate evaluations remain objects of question. With its Ethereum Blockchain technology based eSwitch® exchange and employment of smart contracts, ShareMeAll Project puts the groundbreaking technology to use in weeding out the complications and paving way for a smooth trading experience. Alongside, the internet and mobile exchange platform also works towards encouraging investors into the world of cryptocurrency. With just their skills, objects and time at stake investors can easily associate with the platform and procure the best.

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The platform is a noble attempt at bringing people out of the virtual world into a community of like-minded individuals. Through its sharing and exchange actions, meetings of proximity and hosting of meetings on a large scale, ShareMeAll is developing the framework for a socially active and enthusiastic society of tomorrow.

Visit ShareMeAll’s official website to learn more about the project.

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