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Rowan Energy Recipient of Prestigious Acquisition International Global Green Business Award

The company is renowned for providing sustainable blockchain solutions through its innovative device, the SmartMiner.

London, UK – Rowan Energy is announcing it has been recognized as the Most Promising Renewable Energy Start-Up 2021 by the respected Acquisition International Global Green Business Awards.

Rowan Energy is a UK-based green energy blockchain company that rewards its customers for every 1kWh of energy produced by rooftop solar panels.  The company’s mission is to change the idea that blockchain is bad for the environment by offering a new style, which only requires a small device to be fitted into people’s properties.  The device, called a SmartMiner, enables customers to earn Rowan Coins, which can be sent to an exchange, traded for cash on PayPal or for their Rowan debit card or held for future growth.

In its most recent and exciting news, Rowan Energy has been recognized with a highly coveted award from the Acquisition International Global Green Business Awards 2021 as the Most Promising Renewable Energy Start-Up.  The Global Green Business Awards place emphasis on applauding innovation in corporate sustainability, particularly as more businesses respond to the reality of climate change, and has crowned Rowan Energy as a ‘lean, green, energy machine.’

“Global Green has selected Rowan as a recipient of this award due to our mission to encourage people to use greener options for renewable energy,” says Founder and CEO of Rowan Energy, David Duckworth.  “More specifically, we provide a low-carbon renewable energy blockchain that is a game-changer for the crypto industry.  Our blockchain requires low energy with a requirement of generating 1kWh of renewable energy to validate transitions on its Proof of Authority blockchain.  Not only that, but when investors implement rooftop solar energy, they will get 10p worth of Rowan Coin (our own cryptocurrency) for every 1kWh they produce, which can be traded for another cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, or hold it for future growth to be cashed out via PayPal.  We are very humbled to be recognized for our work to support the crypto and renewable industries through innovative and sustainable practices that are beneficial for the environment.”

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About Rowan Energy

Based in the UK, Rowan Energy is a green energy blockchain company that rewards people for generating clean energy from their rooftop solar.  The company has created an innovative and sustainable mining option, the SmartMiner, which rewards customers with 10p worth of Rowan Coin for every 1kWh of energy.  The cryptocurrency can then be traded on the Probit and LATOKEN exchange platforms or sent to PayPal or their Rowan debit card.

Rowan Energy was founded four years ago by CEO David Duckworth who has worked in network security for large banks and major law firms.  David has built the business from the ground up, bringing new and much needed innovation to a dying residential industry.

Rowan completed a beta launch in 2021, which saw 40 SmartMiners being sold and installed in the UK.   Additionally, Rowan has been awarded the Most Promising Renewable Energy Start-Up 2021.  As part of its ‘Decade of Action,’ the judges of the Global Green Business Awards 2021 recognised Rowan as a pioneer in finding and providing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet customer demands.

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 David Duckworth
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