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Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis | Daily Price Analysis | October 22, 2018

XRP Price Analysis

Resistance and support levels for Ripple (XRP):

Resistance level: $0.50, $0.53, $0.65

Support level: $0.45, $0.43, $0.36

Ripple (XRP) Medium-term Price Analysis: Ranging

XRP Medium-term Price Analysis | October 22, 2108

XRP is ranging in its long-term trend. The bears prevented further uptrend movement of XRP by the formation of more bearish candles which is making the coin retest the support level of $0.44. As a result of the retest, the bears lost the pressure and could not push XRP’s price further down and the bulls couldn’t either.

More buyers are necessary to come into the market in order to move the price to the higher level resistance of $0.53, in case the resistance level of $0.50 got broken up by the bull and that is if the support level of $0.45 holds.

The coin is now trading on the 4-day EMA and the 50-day EMA; with the two EMAs interlocked indicating ongoing consolidation. The RSI 14 is above the 45 level and its signal line points to the north indicating a buy signal.  In case the support level of $0.45 breaks, the pair will find its low at the support level of $0.43.

Ripple (XRP) Short-term Price Analysis: Ranging

XRP Short-term Price Analysis | October 22, 2108

XRP has been ranging since October 18th. There was neither a definite increase nor decrease in XRP’s price yesterday. In case the bears increase their momentum and the support level of $0.44 does not hold, it will find its low at the support level of $0.43.

However, the Stochastic Oscillator is above 50 levels and its signal lines point south, connoting a sell signal.

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