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Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis | Daily Price Analysis | October 19, 2018

XRP Price Analysis

Resistance and support levels for Ripple (XRP):

Resistance level: $0.55, $0.60, $0.65

Support level: $0.44, $0.36, $0.30

Ripple (XRP) Medium-term Price Analysis: Bearish

XRP Medium-term Price Analysis | October 19, 2108

The bears are preventing further uptrend movement of XRP by the formation of more bearish candles which is making the coin to retest the support level of $0.44. The cryptocurrency is returning bearish. The buyers are gradually losing control of the market as the market gradually decreases toward the support level of $0.44. More buyers are required to come into the market in order to move the price to the higher level of resistance of $0.55 in case the resistance level of $0.50 gets broken up side by the bull and that is if the support level of $0.44 holds.

The 4-day EMA is about to cross the 50-day EMA downside. The coin is now trading between the 4-day EMA and the 50-day EMA, indicating that a downtrend is ongoing. The RSI 14 is above the 55 levels and its signal line points to the south which indicates a sell signal.  In case the support level of $0.44 breaks the pair will find its low at the support level of $0.36.

Ripple (XRP) Short-term Price Analysis: Bearish

XRP Short-term Price Analysis | October 19, 2108

The pair is returning bearish. XRP was bullish in its short-term outlook yesterday. The price is making a gradual and steady decrease in price due to the incoming of bears in the market. In case the bears increase their momentum and the support level of $0.44 does not hold, it will find its low at the support level of $0.36.

However, the Stochastic Oscillator is above 50 levels and its signal lines pointing to the north connotes buy signal.

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