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Revolutionary Web3 Project, X.LA Foundation Set for Launch This February 

The dawn of blockchain, the distributed ledger cryptocurrencies are built, has presented a huge opportunity for visionaries and innovative entrepreneurs to seize as they seek to leave a positive mark. At the forefront of this adoption of decentralization and the launch of Web3—the decentralized internet—is Aleksandr “Shurick” Agapitov who, although is a constant name in the space, has leveraged this budding concept to create and set to launch X.LA Foundation—a community-driven project designed to improve the worker-employer relationship in the workplace. 

Aimed at allowing everyone to become equal beneficiaries for their input, creation, and work whilst leveraging newfangled technologies, X.LA Foundation has been scheduled to launch on February 17, 2022, per the project development team. 

X.LA Foundation 

Leveraging the unique concept of Web3, Agapitov has created a team of video game professionals who in recent years have helped deliver solutions to all of the problems facing video game service providers and players. This team, according to a press release, will aid in the redefinition, reshaping, and change of the Web3 economy. Welcoming contractors, influencers, researchers, creators, et al to join forces in the growth of this nascent trend, X.LA Foundation once launched this February will offer unparalleled services to users. 

The second creation of Shurick Agapitov, X.LA Foundation will cater to the average man whose contribution, regardless of how little, is appreciated. It will pioneer the next step in the development of the internet world and through the help of his team of industry professionals, Shurick will create and launch a community-driven project where users are the main stakeholders. 

A user-centric project, X.LA Foundation will reward those that have shared the journey with them right from the onset. To achieve this, a set of NFT collections will be released one piece at a time. Founding Members, as they would be called, will get an exclusive invite to the Telegram channel where they can chat privately with the X.LA team and become members of the forum. 

Shurick Agapitov who created Xsolla, a video game commerce company powered by both Transaction and Business Engines, will spearhead the takeover into the world of decentralized internet through this community-driven project. Xsolla, on the other hand, will serve the video game industry, offering solutions to the problems and difficulties of distribution, marketing, and monetization faced by industry players. This will help these platforms focus more on targeting their audience, driving sales which, in turn, will generate revenue. Like Xsolla, X.LA Foundation will aim at improving, to a greater degree, the problems associated with corporate relationships, ergo ensuring that these employees are fully paid for contribution. 

Additionally, blazing off in the path of decentralization whilst leveraging blockchain technology, this project will be run democratically, meaning that users will reserve the right to vote on suggestions and proposals submitted by the team. Slated for official launch on February 17, 2022, X.LA Foundation will lay the groundwork for the growth of the Web3 economy as well as a world where the average man is duly rewarded for his input towards the expansion of a project. 

Finally, having created and launched Xsolla which is offering a ton of services to the billion-dollar gaming industry, Shurick Agapitov and his team of renowned experts will work together with content creators, influencers, researchers, thinkers, explorers to deliver a truly decentralized, incentivized, sustainable, and fair working environment for everyone to thrive. X.LA Foundation will represent the future of Web3 as a new enterprise and its launch will herald the dawn of Web3 as the next best trend. 

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