Relictum PRO CEO Shares His Experience Of SIGMA AIBC Summit

Aleksander Strigin, the CEO of Relictum PRO, has recently shared his thoughts about the first day of the SIGMA AIBC summit on Twitter. According to Mr. Strigin, the event was motivating, and he felt grateful to be a part of that community, his main goal was to promote and raise the awareness of the Relictum brand.

Relictum blockchain has a strong potential to cooperation with other projects and developing complex products and services based on its decentralized network.

Aleksander tweeted about the negotiations with renowned gaming companies interested in collaborating with Relictum blockchain, since such projects are one of the most significant WEB 3.0 components. The AIBC Summit was an exciting event for all of its participants, the representatives of Relictum blockchain were glad to attend it and share their knowledge with other industry leaders. They set helpful contacts, made new friends, and formed possible collaborations through this event.

About Relictum project

Relictum blockchain is a cutting-edge network, with each of its devices acting as a node that can conduct quick and low-cost transactions. It is scalable, its adaptable structure enables it to expand in a wide range while maintaining high performance. Relictum is a hyper-modern blockchain with an innovative outlook for the future. The system can work with both thin clients and powerful processors, basic stations, smartphones, and tablets. It enables, two-, three- and even four-dimensional event formalization models, which means the possibility of group contracts with more than two parties. This is a full-fledged platform that can be used by governments, businesses, and private persons.

Relictum blockchain has a number of significant advantages:

  • Transaction rate. Due to its original consensus algorithm (PoT), low block size and virtual communication channel, Relictum blockchain achieved an impressive throughput rate of up to 100,000 transactions per second.
  • Scalability. As the network expands, it consumes much less power compared to those running on PoW consensus, besides the small block size results in less traffic. Therefore, the blockchain will have no trouble with scaling to millions of nodes.
  • Сross-platform. The Relictum node can run both on PCs, smartphones and tablets on Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS, which greatly expands the scope of its application.
  • Availability. To start the app on your device, you just download the installation file, run it, and then go through a simple registration procedure. No special knowledge and expensive equipment are required.
  • Ecosystem. Relictum blockchain is the basis for the whole ecosystem of dApps with a number of products (detailed list below). For now there are several products available, but the list will be expanded in the future. All the products are available in the node app.

So, this is the list of the Relictum Ecosystem products available to users:

  • Relictum Wallet. Here you can store your tokens, transfer and receive them from other users. There are several types of tokens and coins available in the Relictum ecosystem: 
  1. GTN is the internal currency of the blockchain, used to pay fees for services, and staking. The token is traded on the LBank exchange, so you can buy or sell it at any time.
  2. USDR is a stablecoin, a digital analogue of the US dollar, fully collateralized. You can easily convert it to USDT at any time with an exchange rate of 1:1, using the Relictum Finance service. Besides, the exchange fee has been recently reduced by 10 times!
  3. Wrapped tokens (rBTC, rETH, rLTC etc.) are equivalent to BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.
  4. User-created tokens. 
  • Relictum DEX is a decentralized exchange, where you can exchange the pairs of USDR, RLTC, RBTC and other tokens. Unlike a centralized exchange, all your funds are stored in your node and no one can block or steal them. It takes a few minutes to list a user-created token on DEX, as well as to create it in Relictum Token.
  • Relictum Storage is a decentralized data warehouse where users store their data. Unlike classical storage, files are kept not on a single a server, but on the drives of other network members in an encrypted and distributed form.
  • Relictum NFT. Buying and selling tokens is now more convenient than ever. Your digital artifacts are stored on your node in a decentralized repository (Relictum Storage).
  • Relictum Staking. By fixing a certain amount of GTN tokens on your account, you will receive additional passive income from the network (fees from all the transactions in the network are distributed among its stakeholders). To estimate your future rewards, you can check out our tool for stakeholders, Relictum Staking Calculator.
  • Relictum Games. The human factor is completely excluded in blockchain-based games, all the interaction is based on smart contracts, which means that you can count on 100% fair drawing.
  • Relictum Pay. With Relictum Pay, users can track their transactions before and after their confirmation, view all information about payments, convert and spend their crypto to buy anything. 
  • Relictum Token. Users can launch their own projects based on the Relictum blockchain, and this token constructor was developed to support them. In Relictum Token, you can create your own token by setting all of its parameters just in several clicks.

All the products are available to users immediately after installation and registration in the application node.

As of today, there are more than 120,000 nodes in Relictum network, and the total number of transactions has exceeded 1 million. Relictum is a fully functional platform that is actively growing and developing and its expanding list of products, new crypto bridges and side chains will accelerate this process.


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