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Release token is now available on Hotbit

Welcome Release – A one-of-its-kind next general social media platform that fuses e-commerce effortlessly into it giving the ‘Social Commerce’ market an all new dimension. With blockchain based technology, analysis and data processing using Big Data and with contents that add value to the information quotient, Release is unique to say the least.

REL Token listed on Hotbit

Release has recently announced that REL Token has been listed on Hotbit. It is an exchange that is poised to offer crypto investors the ability to trade a long list of coins. It offers a digital asset exchange platform that is well designed, intuitive to use and has support for the major cryptocurrencies.

The platform created by Release provides

  • Worthy information and reliable valuation using merging of social media with e-commerce.
  • A progressive and secured maintenance system using the blockchain technology.
  • Utilization of big data for information processing.
  • An innovative search algorithm uses AI- Artificial Intelligence for deep learning and trading.

REL Token & Revenue

  • One of the prominent and interesting features of the platform is the REL Token (internal cryptocurrency of Release).
  • Every contributor and evaluator of information are provided with REL tokens in the form of accumulated points. The same points are also provided for every user purchasing or selling goods, services, etc.
  • These accumulated points can be exchanged with various cryptocurrencies when listed on the exchange.
  • By distributing ‘behavioural targeting advertisements’ that utilizes the user’s preferences, interests and concerns, Release has devised a solid revenue generation plan for the long-term.


In an offer to help individuals purchase the REL token, Hotbit has stretched out the help to Release. Release Project is not just a company that’s set to redefine social commerce market but a company worth investing in. With immaculate vision and innovative technology to support it, Release is well on its way to becoming the leader of the next-generation social commerce domain.

Learn more about Release Project

Telegram: @release8

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