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Register on the Leading THODEX Crypto Exchange and Win 2 Million DOGE

THODEX, the Turkish based internationally licensed crypto exchange is running a limited time offer for new users with a total of 2 million Dogecoins (DOGE) up for grabs.

With the rise of crypto prices in the last couple of months, there is a flurry of interest in the public on cryptocurrencies and people are registering on the exchange platforms in droves. THODEX is a well established cryptocurrency exchange that is also seeing an influx of new traders. To celebrate the ending of the crypto winter and the dawn of a new era that sees multiple cryptos breaking their all time highs, THODEX is proud to announce it is setting aside 2 million DOGE for new traders.

New User Campaign

With nearly 40 different crypto trading pairs, THODEX is a crypto exchange that is known for being a market first in Turkey, not only establishing a cutting edge exchange to trade cryptos, but also offers easy onboarding through the use of regular credit and debit cards for first time crypto purchasers. Furthermore, THODEX is also the first firm in Turkey that has installed Bitcoin ATMs in the country.

To celebrate the new wave of crypto interest, THODEX is running a limited time Dogecoin campaign, offering free DOGE to new registered users. The competition is easy and the following rules apply for participants:

  • Only for newly registered THODEX users.
  • New traders should register and complete 3rd tier KYC membership to participate.
  • Only 150 DOGE per user will be given.
  • First come, first served basis.

The campaign will run from 15th of March and will last a month, ending on 15th of April, 2021. All successful registered and level 3 verified members will be allocated the free Dogecoin within 24 hours of their verification.

Why Dogecoin?

Created as a joke in 2013, the DOGE was meant to tackle the issues being faced by Bitcoin at the time. Dogecoin quickly gained traction and is now a major altcoin with a huge fan following. Elon Musk, the visionary behind Tesla and SpaceX is a major proponent. He has a history of tweeting about it. Currently, DOGE ranks 14th in Coinmarketcap, and is being traded around roughly 5 cent a piece with a market capitalization of $7.2 billion.


A newcomer in the crypto trading scene, THODEX has been around roughly 4 years, but has quickly gained popularity with its innovative features and low fee structure. There are no maker or taker fees for trading in USDT or BTC pairs, making the experience smooth and commission free, while only a negligible 0.1% on TRY pairs, which falls even more as users trade more and more.

THODEX offers advanced trading tools such as stop losses, price alarms and even the ability to remotely connect bots and other automated trading apps with its dedicated APIs and even a referral program, letting existing users earn commissions on every successful invite.

Last year, THODEX went global with its approval and licensing from the FinCen MSB from USA, thus the exchange has opened up its arms for the world wide crypto community to be a part of the fast growing exchange.

It has recently completed its fourth year which saw it celebrating a raffle that had hundreds of prizes to be won, including 100 Apple watches, 50 Sony PlayStation 4, iPhones and even a Porsche Panamera.

Register between the 15th of March and 15th of April to claim your free 150 Dogecoin today.

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