Recovering from Crypto’s Great Reset: What Can We Expect?

Some cryptocurrencies like LUNA got to taste what a great reset felt like. However, not only that, but most cryptocurrencies lost more than 50% of their values this year. So it hasn’t been a pleasant experience for crypto investors or most cryptocurrency projects. 

However, there isn’t any reason to lose hope, and you never know what might be another reason to do so. Overall, we don’t know which coins will go either way and who might be the next king of cryptocurrencies and who might be the one to lose all of its value. 

Luna was the first to experience it, but it managed to create another project trying to get somewhere in the market. So what’s expected to happen next? Let’s find out in this article! 

What can you expect from the great reset? 


Many things are happening 

From the crypto’s great reset to the pandemic and the Ukrainian war, the world is undergoing too many issues simultaneously. In the middle of this chaos, the great reset is more of a plan to transform the world’s economy completely. 

Even though crypto is in its own league, it’s still affected by what happens and will affect the global economy. However, cryptocurrencies are planning their own great reset and expect it to be based on decentralization. One of these ways is through the blockchain, and let’s be honest, almost everyone would love to have control over their properties and money. Therefore, not having to depend on any central authorities or banks. 

It’ll make us reconsider everything 

The crisis and pandemic have made us reshift our ways of working and have had enormous consequences. They will force us to re-evaluate everything we do, including the type of investments we make and more. But unfortunately, even though someone might celebrate this as a win for the crypto world, it isn’t a win for all cryptocurrencies. 

Like we said before, each coin might go its own way, but if you do want to celebrate a win, it’s the fact that decentralized currencies offer you much more privacy and a better solution. 

An excellent chance to buy the suitable cryptocurrencies

Maybe you want to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, Luna, or any other coin you can imagine. However, you must know each cryptocurrency can head either way. However, it’ll all depend on the project’s aim; unlike Terra Luna’s failure, not every coin has a high possibility of losing all its value. 

For instance, the great reset relies on coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are both powerful decentralized currencies that are built on profitable projects. So even though they have taken a brutal hit, they are still expected to reach higher values over time. 

Ethereum was built on blockchain technology and has paved the way for many other cryptocurrencies to rise, so if Ethereum fails, many other cryptocurrencies associated with Ethereum might do so as well. Moreover, its blockchain was used to purchase NFTs as well.

However, let’s not forget that Ethereum is planning on releasing Ethereum 2.0 in order to cut power use by 99.95%. Therefore, it’ll not only be more efficient energy use but also reduce the overall worldwide electricity consumption. Moreover, this is considered a good investment for the great reset. 

Additionally, we have other powerful coins like Bitcoin. If Bitcoin didn’t exist, crypto wouldn’t be the same, and when experts mention the great reset, it has to do a lot with Bitcoin. Overall, Bitcoin has a maximum supply rate of 21 million. 

However, even though Bitcoin lost nearly 80% of its value, experts still say it should gain back by 2023 since it can’t drop out of the crypto market. Many experts call it “The Godfather of crypto.” 

Therefore, in the end, it’ll all come down to decentralization vs. centralization. 

The global war on savings 

The rise of inflation has put many people in panic mode, not only regular people but also crypto investors. With the increase in prices, many crypto investors have also lost savings and investment gains. In short, it’s a global war on saving and has reduced our chance to save more money. 

However, the government is seeking to promote a global reset, so it’s a goal to reduce inflation, but at the same time, there is a high risk. However, during this great reset, it’s also a time where crypto investors make big gains if invested in the right places. 

Which cryptocurrencies are set to explode soon?

In turbulent times lies opportunity and many cryptocurrencies are on the line of exploding soon enough. However, before you invest your hard-earned money, here are the most important cryptocurrencies to invest in. 


We mentioned this before, but Ethereum is on top of the list for the next cryptocurrency to explode. With its powerful blockchain technology and promising smart contracts, it houses one of the largest pools for rising cryptocurrencies from Defi to NFTs, dApp technologies, and more. 

Ethereum 2.0 will definitely be an upgrade worth it and will have a significant effect on the return on investment of Ethereum. After all, the world is undergoing an electricity shortage, so it would be a huge advantage to invest in Ethereum from now on. 

ApeCoin (APE) 

ApeCoin isn’t really commonly heard amongst most people. However, it’s a cryptocurrency expected to blow up soon enough. Only in a couple of months can Apecoin reach new heights of more than 500% returns. 

However, Apecoin has one of the most active communities of followers. The ApeCoin has even managed to release virtual land and has significantly affected the APE token price. So in the short term, a recovering crypto market will aid the APE community and is expected to ignite the token’s price. 

Binance coin (BNB) 

The Binance coin is a powerful coin that still holds a high value till this day. It has one of the most potent and useful blockchains. In only five years, it has managed to exceed 200,000% in returns, but with the great reset, it might reach an all-time high too. Also, let’s not forget that Binance itself backs up the Binance coin. Binance is one of the most powerful online platforms for purchasing cryptocurrencies. 

Cardano (ADA) 

  • Cardano is undoubtedly the largest innovative contract platform running on energy-efficient proof of stake with a stake consensus algorithm. It is also one of the highest-ranking secure blockchains.

Bitcoin (BTC) 

Bitcoin is considered to be the father of crypto and is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now. Right now, it has dipped below $20,000, and now is the chance for you to invest in some good profits. By 2023, experts claim that Bitcoin might top more than $50,000 since this is your chance to invest in it if you weren’t in the crypto market when Bitcoin reached new heights. 

Overall, most of the market dominance goes to Bitcoin; most investors see it as one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies. However, those who have invested in it either hold on to Bitcoin or invest more money in it. 

Even though experts said it would top $50,000, that might be the minimum amount. If the market goes even better, Bitcoin might reach new all-time heights! 

Green Metaverse Token (GMT)

The GMT coin is a newcomer to the crypto market, but if you have read about the metaverse, it’s a real big deal in the crypto market. It has a limited supply rate and joined the market with a price of around $0.10. However, it reached an all-time high of $4 but has currently dipped under $1, so it’s now your chance to invest in a profitable coin. 

Furthermore, the future of the crypto world lies in the hands of the metaverse, so whichever new products you see are a good idea to invest in, take the opportunity to do so. 

Wrapping it all up 

We come to an end with this article. These are the top cryptocurrencies to invest in and provide you with one of the best opportunities to do so. Moreover, the great reset has definitely made things hard for some people, but at the same time, it’s an opportunity to rise again for investors. 

Challenging times have the most opportunity, and it would be a big mistake to think otherwise. Furthermore, the great reset has also challenged our savings and made us think more of this. However, it’s always a good idea to balance your finances out, so make sure that the money you are investing in isn’t your emergency funds! 

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