Reasons to Choose CBD Oil for Dogs over Some Conventional Drugs

Dogs are quite active animals, and due to their restless spirit, they sometimes get in trouble. Pups often get hurt or experience some other inconvenience related to their health. Also, some dog breeds are susceptible to disease, and they need constant care to keep them healthy.

Whatever the reason your dog is feeling unwell, your vet will start treatment with conventional drugs. In many cases, pharmacological products are of great help. Yet, the fact is that all of them have some contraindications, and some can even create an addiction.

The use of natural treatments, such as CBD oil, doesn’t negate the effects of modern medicine. But you should know that CBD has not yet been officially approved as an official drug but only as a supplement. Still, that doesn’t diminish its effectiveness and positive impact on your pet’s health.

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How CBD Affects Dog’s Health


Moreover, the best effects are achieved by combining conventional drugs with cannabidiol supplement. Many pet owners decide to give their pets medication even when their health condition doesn’t require pharmacological products.

It’s good to recognize situations in your pup when it’s wiser to use a natural remedy like CBD rather than applying some more aggressive therapy. When your pet is restless, shows signs of separation anxiety, has acute pain, or some short-term digestive issues (rejects food or has a loose stool), you can use CBD oil to bring them relief.

The effect that cannabidiol from oil causes in the animal’s body is similar to the effect that endocannabinoids have. These are substances that the mammalian body naturally produces to manage the endocannabinoid system. It means that CBD acts favorably on the ECS, allowing the dog’s body to return to homeostasis and making your pet feel better.

Anxiety in Dogs


People usually think that pups are always happy and ready to play. But the truth is, your best friend can have bad days too. Depression and anxiety don’t bypass dogs either, or the causes can vary. Sometimes it’s a short-term manifestation of dissatisfaction (due to fear or loneliness). It can become chronic due to some trauma (abandonment, death of a family member, illness).

Whatever the reason, no one likes to see their furry buddies depressed. Check this page to learn how to distinguish anxious behavior from boredom. That is why many pet owners seek vets’ help, who often prescribe antidepressants intended for animal use.

Caution: Never give your dog antidepressants on your own, as well as medications for human use. Although these may be the same drugs, there are differences between them in dosage, side effects, etc.

Antidepressants will prevent your dog from developing aggressive or self-destructive behavior. But they can also have some negative effects that can further impair your dog’s health or cause addiction. Before deciding on this therapy, consult your vet about CBD oil as a natural solution for anxiety and depression.

CBD acts on the serotonin, which is responsible for the mood of your furry buddy. By regulating the levels of this hormone, your dog will feel satisfied and calm. Besides, due to the soothing effects of CBD, the dog will quickly return to the routine of eating and sleeping. All that is possible with almost no adverse effect.

CBD vs. Painkillers


Dogs can feel pain due to many things. These can be physical injuries, arthritis, bone or muscle diseases, any inflammation inside their bodies, etc. Most of the time, vets will prescribe painkillers, which are nothing but opiates.

Drugs like morphine or Tramadol or morphine, which is very expensive, should be given only for a short time. Any prolonged use will cause addiction, so it’s not recommended. On the other hand, short-term use of these medications usually doesn’t provide full effect when your pet suffers any chronic pain.

CBD oil is the key ingredient to a solution to this problem. It helps curb the pain receptors in the animal’s body. It acts as an analgesic, which relieves the dog from pain and other conditions. Reducing inflammation is also an effect provided by CBD.

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs


Newer generations of anti-inflammatory drugs are generally well-tolerated. These medications have improved properties in the sense that they act on the cause of inflammation, improve the animal’s mobility, and the quality of life, even in older dogs.

The risk of side effects in these drugs is small but still exists. Like most other medications, anti-inflammatory drugs can cause nausea, vomiting, appetite disorders, and even mood swings. Although your pet is feeling well physically, these strong medications may be killing their mood.

Proper dosing of CBD oil (under veterinary supervision) can reduce the adverse effects of these drugs. This remedy doesn’t act on the cause of pain but ease its consequences and regulates things like appetite or mood disorders.

CBD may be helpful in some acute inflammations. Still, for some chronic conditions, it’s best to combine it with conventional therapies. With a great price and no side effects, this natural remedy is a great thing you can provide to your pet.


The dog is called man’s best friend for a good reason. And when you love someone so much, and that love is given back in many ways, you must do your best to reciprocate in the best possible way. Provide your pet with quality care, nutrition, and natural supplementation such as CBD oil, but above all, a lot of love and attention.

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