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Quras Partnered with Pitcher Perfect to Facilitate a Secure Anonymous Platform

No matter what industry you belong to or to which part of the globe, there’s a universal problem that blankets us all- breach of privacy and data. In an attempt to solve these and offer a safe world, QURAS is leveraging privacy technologies for secret contracts and data protection.

With a vision to design a globe where everyone feels digitally protected and secure, QURAS is not only striving to provide Privacy 2.0 but is also developing a community for token holders to co-exist. Further, it envisions to build an ecologically decentralized society for which it is supporting the operation of several DApps.


“We see immense potential in the blockchain technology to solve the problems that affect us all on an everyday basis. Be it transaction security, information safety, data storage, or community management- the right technology integration can offer the best across all,” shared Ken Misuma, the CMO at QURAS. “We are utilizing several futuristic technologies to provide the same,” he further added.

To turn this vision into reality, QURAS recently partnered with Pitcher Perfect by UCIM on 15th February in Singapore. Pitcher Perfect has emerged as a platform where promising projects meet, dine, and network with high-impact crypto investors over a lavish spread of dinner and drinks.

QURAS presented a widely appreciated pitch on stage at the event to share what the project stands for and how mankind would benefit from all that it is accomplishing. The chief executives also participated in several private meetings with the investors present at the event. With all that it aims to achieve, the investors shared great feedback about the project.

Names like Bravia Capital, Golden Gate Ventures, Rakuten Capital, Vickers Venture, and TechStars were part of the investment funds that attended Pitcher Perfect. These investors, venture capitalists, and other fund operators left no stone unturned to support ingenious ideas like that of QURAS. Not only did the investors offer feedback on pitchers but also attended exclusive meetings with the presenters.

Now, Pitcher Perfect is all set for its next destination that is Berlin on 24th April 2019. It will offer the same benefits to all the attendees. Being an invite-only event, devoid of any hidden or ticket costs, it has been receiving an overwhelming response so far.

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