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QuillAudits to Host QuillCon Goa and Sparkle as Silver Sponsor of Web3Conf Goa 2023

QuillAudits to Host QuillCon Goa and Sparkle as Silver Sponsor of Web3Conf Goa 2023
  • Mark your calendars for the ultimate hotspot of the Web3 ecosystem! Web3Conf Goa ‘23 is all set to ignite Goa with its vibrant presence from August 11th to August 14th, 2023, offering an exciting fusion of fun and knowledge like no other.

  • QuillAudits, as a Silver sponsor, is excited to take the stage and enlighten the audience on staying safe in web3 while hosting attendees at its booth to raise awareness about web3 security, including CTF challenges and fun activities.

  • But that’s not all! QuillAudits is thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated QuillCon Goa – an event that promises to bring together trailblazing speakers, visionary founders, and the most brilliant web3 developers and enthusiasts for an enriching experience of knowledge sharing and networking

Silver Sponsorship and Beyond

QuillAudits, the silver sponsor of Web3Conf Goa ‘23, strengthens its commitment to elevating blockchain and Web3 security in the dynamic world of Web3. Recent H1 2023 exploits worth $605M underscore the urgency for reinforcing Web3 security.

Taking the enthusiasm a step further, QuillAudits is proud to sponsor the eagerly awaited “Hack-Web3Conf’ 23” hackathon. By encouraging participants to unleash their creativity, the hackathon aims to foster groundbreaking ideas and applications that can push the boundaries of what web3 can achieve.

Visit Web3Conf Goa ‘23 for tickets.

QuillCon Goa: Where Security Sparks Innovation!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the extraordinary vibes of QuillCon Goa – an event that stands out from the rest! Join us for an evening of unparalleled experiences as trailblazing speakers, visionary founders, and the brightest web3 developers and enthusiasts come together for a powerful blend of Knowledge Sharing, Problem Solving, and Networking. At QuillCon Goa, you’ll find various captivating activities, including mind-boggling Devs talks, sizzling Code roasts, live auditing sessions, and a thrilling Fun quiz. This event promises to keep you engaged and entertained, leaving you with lasting memories and invaluable insights. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to be a part of something truly extraordinary!

Discover all details by visiting QuillCon Goa and secure your spot today! Act quickly as slots are limited.

Addressing the Safety in Web3 and a One-Stop Fun and Learning Booth

Every Web3 conference seeks to offer visionary insights, and QuillAudits has the ideal speaker to deliver just that. Jose Paul, Product Manager at QuillAudits, will present a captivating speech titled “Staying Safe in Web3” that promises to stimulate thoughtful discussions and considerations. 

If you’re attending Web3Conf Goa ‘23, then the QuillAudits booth is an absolute must-visit! The QuillAudits team will be hands-on, showcasing their cutting-edge products and discussing how they can help safeguard your web3 journey. But that’s not all – CTF(Catch The Flag) challenges, interactive activities, and a chance to win exciting prizes await you at the QuillAudits booth. 

Goa Bound: Web3 Excitement Awaits

If you’re a web3 enthusiast or an industry professional looking to stay ahead of the curve, QuillCon Goa and Web3Conf Goa are events you can’t miss. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to connect with QuillAudits’ security experts and witness firsthand the strides they are making to secure the web3 landscape. 

Experience the extraordinary – grab your tickets while they last!

Community Partners of QuillCon Goa : OG Club DAO | 5ire | Hyderabad DAO | Zeeve | Web3 Assam | Move Developers DAO | Web3 Chennai | Eduhub

About QuillAudits

QuillAudits is a leading Web3 Cybersecurity firm dedicated to ensuring the safety and integrity of the web3 ecosystem. With its state-of-the-art security solutions and expert team, QuillAudits empowers businesses and individuals to navigate the web3 landscape safely.

To stay updated on the latest developments regarding QuillAudits, please visit the official Website and follow QuillAudits on Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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