Quick Guide to War4Earth Tokenomics

War for Earth is a blockchain-based play-to-earn game, which means it has tokenomics and rewards. How will these two work on the War4Earth platform? Here’s how:


War4Earth will mint a total of 1,000,000,000 FKD, which is the platform’s utility token. Distribution of the FKD token will happen at different dates and times, as determined by the platform. War for Earth’s utility token – FKD – will be available for use throughout the game’s ecosystem. It will be used for user interactions and transactions.

FKD is a BEP-20 token, developed on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. War for Earth expects its FKD to be used by developers, gamers, and players to exchange assets. Additionally, War for Earth expects these same users to build a truly unique experience for gamers via the FKD token.

Here’s how Tokenomics break down for the FKD token:

Distribution Percentage # of FKD
Total FKD Supply 100% 1,000,000,000
Seed Sale 8% 80,000,000
Private Sale 6% 60,000,000
Public Sale 6% 60,000,000
Marketing 5% 50,000,000
Treasury 5% 50,000,000
In-game 36% 360,000,000
FKD Dex 24% 240,000,000
Team 10% 10,000,000



As you can see, part of the FKD distribution is meant for in-game tokens. These tokens are used for rewards on the War for Earth platform. How can you earn these rewards? Here are a few ways you can add additional FKD to your wallet.


The easiest way to earn rewards in War for Earth is to simply play the game. There are also tournaments and PvP games players can participate in as well. Typically, the amount of FKD you earn is directly related to your performance. It stands to reason that if you win, you’ll earn more FKD than if you don’t. 

Additionally, there are challenges that offer a specific amount of FKD if you take part. Suffice it to say, by simply being a part of the War4Earth platform, there’s a good chance you’ll earn some FKD rewards.


Staking allows users to use their FKD to receive rewards through passive income. This can be done via yield farming or revenue sharing, which allows buybacks. Players have the option to put their FKD to work for them and earn either long-term or short-term rewards.

Those who participate in staking receive rewards for either holding or depositing their FKD. These returns are time-based and calculated based on the amount of time the user stakes them. The longer you stake, the more you’ll earn. 


You can have your say in War for Earth council elections and more with your FKD tokens. War for Earth uses its FKD tokens to vote for council members, which allows players to have a voice in the direction and development of the platform.

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