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QuadrigaCX Litecoin Cold wallet revealed, Funds being moved out


In a recent update, QuadrigaCX litecoin cold wallet addresses have  been found and funds are being moved out. And, a redditor known as “palhello” has found out  Litecoin cold wallets that QuadrigaCX uses. Furthermore, it is highly likely that private keys are not lost and it is just a cooked up story. To begin with, QuadrigaCX’s hot wallet can get coins in two ways either by making a deposit or to refill it for withdrawal. The addresses which still have huge sum of balances left have been found out by the redditor.

If the wallet addresses posted by QuadrigaCX’s user, then definitely QuadrigaCX still has access to the private key and funds. As a matter of fact, if these are really cold addresses there should be no outgoing transaction from them if private key is lost. 

Possible Litecoin Addresses Used by QuadrigaCX

Let us have a look at the transaction the redditor made in April.


Input Address listed there is: LRru37wJznUGtybhaLt9UGfwittqxNNQak .

Now, goto:


Go to the transaction:

Furthermore , analyzing from address in the transactions, they are likely to be cold wallets because only cold address sends to hot address.


Check balance of

Interestingly, numbers are so large that they overlap.Further, Go to View source -> Inspect element -> Highlight the garbled numbers to see the balance in html.

However, fails for – and it says”Too many records”.

1. Litecoin Address – Image Source- Reddit
2. Litecoin Address- Image Source Reddit
3. Litecoin Address- Image Source- Reddit
4 . Litecoin Address – Image Source- Reddit

Yesterday, TCU reported that QuadrigaCX is reportedly missing,  $145 million in digital assets. Furthermore, on February 1, QuadrigaCX has allegedly filed for creditor protection. Also, the firm has filed the application in  Nova Scotia Supreme Court today in compliance with the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA).

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