Public Sale of DarleyGo’s Genesis Horse NFTs Set to Launch on Magic Eden

DarleyGo, the NFT based horse game has announced that it will be holding the sale of its first Genesis Horse NFTs on 23rd January 2022 on the Magic Eden Launchpad.

The Genesis Cards

The sale will be made through the Genesis Cards. These are tickets that interested parties can buy on Magic Eden on 23rd January, 2022, starting at 12:00pm UTC. One Genesis Card will give the opportunity for the buyer to get his or her hand on one exclusive Genesis NFT Horse on the DarleyGo platform.

Totally 3800 Genesis Cards will be dropped at this Sale event. Genesis Card is a premium Card for early DarleyGoers, where holders will be able to redeem 1 Genesis NFT horse per card (Blind Box Style) before our game launch, and enjoy many exclusive perks!

The Genesis Horse Details

The DarleyGo platform will be issuing a total of 33,000 Genesis Horse NFTs over a 5 year plan. The first drop is set to commence on the 23rd of this month with 3,800 horses claimable through the Genesis Cards. The rest of the Genesis Horse NFTs will be released over the next 5 years, but the early released NFTs will offer a higher chance of rare horses, making them more valuable.

Altair, the planet upon which the DarleyGo horses are set, has three major bloodlines of horses and the first round supply is distributed with Darley getting 40%, Hayato getting 35% and Areo at 25%. Each bloodline has its own special attributes and the Genesis horses will not only have the traits of their clan but also have other enhanced characteristics based on their uniqueness.

While there will be other Genesis Horse NFTs distributed in the future, early backers and participants will have the added advantage of getting higher chances to mint even rarer horses. As soon as the horse NFT is minted, the owner will have access to the DarleyGo game and can immediately begin training their steed to take part in the different game modes.

About DarleyGo

DarleyGo is a Solana-based horse racing platform that has been designed to offer players an exciting and intriguing gaming experience according to its team. DarleyGo incorporates a set of platform-exclusive features, ranging from gameplay modes to ability badges. The introduction of rewards in the form of its native token, SPL, will incentivize gamers while offering them a real-time horse racing game.

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