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Prepaway – EC-Council CEH Certification: Exam Description and Preparation Tips

The EC-Council CEH certification equips the IT professionals with ethical hacking and penetration testing skills. This credential validates the individual’s knowledge and expertise in network security from a vendor-neutral perspective.

3 main purposes of the CEH certification:

  1. Design and implement minimum standards required in validating the ethical hacking and IT security specialists
  2. Confirm publicly that the security specialists meet or exceed minimum ethical hacking requirements
  3. Establish and reinforce ethical hacking as a unique and self-governing IT profession

The Prepaway program has an extensive curriculum that builds the candidate’s competency in different information security domains. Although it lacks to provide in-depthhands-on training, you shouldn’t consider this a significant drawback. Ideally, the curriculum attempts to provide a corpus of knowledge for both pentesters and professionals involved in the remote administration of IT security. Typically, the individuals aspiring to become the certified pentesters possess background hacking knowledge that the system administrators often lack. Besides, an extensive coverage of each IT domain will make the certification program large while offering no meaningful training value.

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Overview of CEH 312-50 exam

Exam code: 312-50

Number of questions: 125

Exam format: multiple choice

Duration: 4 hours

Exam delivery: ECC exam, VUE

The CEH exam process varies based on where one sits for the certification test:

  • Prepaway test centers deliver CEH 312-50 in a standardized format: 125 questions within 4 hours. Additionally, the candidates can review previous answers during the test.
  • Pearson VUE centers divide CEH 312-50 into sections based on the CEH Exam Blueprint v2.0, which is arranged randomly. What’s more, Pearson VUE divides the 4-hour time limit proportionally across the various

Overview of CEH courseware

The EC-Council provides two hard copy training manuals, though one can download soft copies from the ASPEN portal. In total, these tutorials cover nineteen topics between them. The topics include an intro to ethical hacking, cryptography techniques, SQL injection, session hacking and etc. However, the topic coverage is not thorough, which means that it is up to a candidate to perform in-depth research on the Prepaway topics during the five-day course.

Pen-testing tools and useful URLs are included in the CEH courseware. Nonetheless, it isn’t technically possible to analyze all tools within five days. The CEH manuals only provide a basic introduction of them while recommending further learning. What does this mean to you? The students are often presented with a screenshot of the most famous offensive security tools for analysis or interpretation of results.

Lab Manuals

The EC-Council provides the applicants with over 40 GB of Windows-based software (a set of 6 DVDs). Preferably, one should acquire the latest version of the software instead of using the archived one. Although one might have access to a courseware software, there is no 1:1 matching between the archived software and the up-to-date one. In addition to that, the CEH exam doesn’t test the individuals on the use of advanced features of offensive security tools. Typically, one needs only to know a tool’s name, application scenarios and frequency of use.

ASPEN Portal

All courseware resources are available on the ASPEN portal. However, you need to sign up to download training resources and virtual machines for lab practicals. At this stage of the post, you might be wondering what is to like or not to like about the CEH certification pathway. Regrettably, it is hard to say, but you should note that the exam concentrates mainly on theory and provides limited hands-on ethical hacking training. The fact that this certificate pathway offers little or no practical training is a drawback given that it is a practical course.

Nonetheless, the delivery of learning material is simple enough as the EC-Council’s instructors are highly competent and knowledgeable. Even so, it can be conducted a background search of an instructor as few details about ASPEN portal instructors are available.

Overview of CEH exam preparation tips

a) Pay for Professional Training

Consider paying for CEH instructor-led training to increase your chances of excelling in the CEH exams with good grades. In this way, the candidates benefit from the viewpoints of an offensive security expert. As the course demands extensive lab simulations and demonstrations, an expert is a source of useful insights, knowledge and experience. Besides, be sure to practice using real-world scenarios.

b) Leverage Study Guides

The students preparing to sit for the CEH 312-50 exam have access to several study guides from EC-Council. Through these guides, one gains the knowledge and compressions of offset practices, procedures, tools and techniques necessary to pass the certification test.

c) Create a Study Schedule

One ought to establish a study schedule that provides significant time to cover the CEH courseware. This requires identifying the most appropriate time and place for daily study while factoring other obligations.

d) Conduct In-Depth Research

Researching is an effective way of understanding the concepts related to information security. Numerous online resources are available today providing in-depth coverage of the CEH exam, information security topics and certification curriculum. The EC-Council website is an excellent location to begin your research endeavor.

e) Join an Online CEH Community

The web is an excellent platform for interacting with other CEH candidates. Joining an offsec forum is a good way of enhancing your learning experience. In addition, the forum members provide useful learning insights, skills and tips. Although studying is a daunting undertaking, access to essential training resources, practice tests and participating in CEH instructor-led training can help the candidates pass the CEH 312-50 certification exam.

The bottom line

Most information security professionals covet the CEH credential. However, the candidates should note that EC-Council relies heavily on marketing. Given that, various factors can affect one’s ability to obtain this credential, including:

  • A slew of buzzwords: underground hacking tools, cyber ranges, and prerequisites for the CEH certification pathway.
  • A CEH exam preparation process can seem daunting and expensive as the students are encouraged to join training centers.
  • The EC-Council’s learning resources are highly protected using two-factor authentication, which can seem needless to most students.
  • Available learning materials are colorful, which makes them unsuitable for a proper learning experience.

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