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Policy Vice President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce Criticizes SEC’s Approach

Policy Vice President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce Criticizes SEC’s Approach

The Chamber of Digital Commerce challenges the SEC’s aggressive crypto regulation approach, expressing constitutional concerns and submitting an amicus brief in the Coinbase case.

Highlighting Points

  • Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) voices concerns over SEC’s aggressive stance on crypto regulation.
  • CDC challenges SEC’s authority, citing constitutional worries about enforcement without clear rules.
  • CDC files amicus curiae brief in Coinbase case, aiming to halt SEC’s control attempts without legislative backing.
  • CDC highlights potential harm to industry, economic growth, and job opportunities due to SEC’s actions, while other crypto entities support Coinbase.


A prominent blockchain trade association, the Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC), has expressed concerns over the regulatory stance taken by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) towards the cryptocurrency industry. Cody Carbone, Vice President of Policy at the CDC, stated in an interview that the SEC’s approach has been notably aggressive, and the association believes that the SEC is acting unconstitutionally.

Carbone pointed out that the SEC has been filing enforcement actions against the digital asset industry without any clear reason, rather than undertaking rulemaking processes. The CDC has challenged the SEC’s authority over digital assets as securities, citing constitutional concerns about the agency’s enforcement-based regulatory approach.

The CDC argues that this aggressive stance by the SEC jeopardizes the US digital asset industry and its stakeholders. In ongoing congressional debates, the question of regulatory jurisdiction for the digital asset industry remains uncertain, with the SEC and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) both vying for control.

CDC Takes Action in Coinbase Case

The Chamber of Digital Commerce has taken a significant step in the ongoing legal dispute between the SEC and cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The CDC has submitted an amicus curiae brief in the case, seeking to halt the SEC’s attempts to control cryptocurrency without legislative authorization.

The SEC has accused Coinbase of offering unregistered securities through its lending product, while Coinbase disputes these claims and criticizes the agency’s vague stance on crypto-related securities. The CDC, representing blockchain and digital asset firms, has filed to join the case and argues that the SEC’s actions could have a drastic impact on the industry.

The Chamber claims that its members are suffering due to the SEC’s enforcement actions, which are causing confusion and harm in the marketplace. As an industry association, the CDC is uniquely positioned to provide insight into the full scope of the situation and the potential negative impacts on economic growth, job opportunities, and financial inclusivity.

Other cryptocurrency entities and industry groups have also expressed support for Coinbase and criticized the SEC’s actions, citing concerns about hindering innovation and business operations in the US.


The Chamber of Digital Commerce has raised constitutional concerns about the SEC’s regulatory approach towards the cryptocurrency industry. The CDC’s submission of an amicus curiae brief in the Coinbase case highlights their effort to challenge the SEC’s authority and protect the interests of blockchain and digital asset firms.

This ongoing legal dispute has sparked debates about regulatory jurisdiction and the potential impact on innovation and economic growth. The outcome of the case could have significant implications for the US digital asset industry and its stakeholders.

As the industry awaits a resolution, the Chamber of Digital Commerce continues to advocate for a more balanced and transparent regulatory approach that supports innovation while ensuring investor protection.

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