Play and Earn with Amazing Pets on Pethereum Planet

Are you ready for the latest news from the NFT market? Here you are! This is the most exciting invitation ever. The Pethereum metaverse welcomes everyone interested. Absolutely free entry for new players. This and so much more you will find in the article below this promotional announcement.   


Opening paragraph

Not long ago Loop Games was a company of devoted enthusiasts with a great experience in the mobile gaming industry. Lately these successful businessmen have sold their highly competitive games and invested the earned assets into the blockchain and NFT technologies. At this moment they are planning to represent their both advanced and entertaining play-to-earn metaverse with zero entrance fee. The project is definitely doomed to success having in mind the previous achievements of the talented game developers.


Pethereum metaverse. What is it all about?

The Pethereum metaverse is an outstanding NFT game project. The gaming process itself is more significant than the entrance sequence priority ranking. That’s why the project is really fresh and remarkable.

The Pethereum citizens play to earn and have fun. Players collect amazing NFT pets and use them in various games. Dame Fortune points out the luckiest players and dispenses gifts among them. The chosen ones gain advantages in the form of rare pets that can be exchanged for money on the local NFT market.

Sooner or later the Pethereum game players will obtain access to a greater number of various benefits and offerings. The profit share model has been designed for proportional distribution of the allocated assets among the participants. The so-called Pethereum Ticket Generator hosts all the related staking features such as $PETH rewards, VIP status, and DAO system. On a short-term horizon the quantity of perks will increase depending on the involvement of a certain player.


What is Pethereum Ticket Generator?

According to the recent news from the company the profit share model has been integrated into Pethereum Ticket Generator with a buyback system. $PETH staking is the primary function of Pethereum Ticket Generator. Via stacking DAO tickets can be obtained on an everyday basis. Then these DAO tickets can be exchanged for certain rewards. There is also a flexible approach for different staking strategies. It means that a person that stakes less $PETH for a long stretch of time can gain more benefits than a person that stakes more tokens for a short time period.


The upcoming events

In order to excite the curiosity of the followers, the soulmates from Loop Games are going to announce the Closed Alpha version of the Pethereum game. The team would like to present the product in advance, before the $PETH token sale. This advertising trick is supposed to engage the audience and maintain trustworthy connections. The Closed Alpha version will be available at the beginning of April.

$PETH token sale will happen after the gamers test the Closed Alpha version of the Pethereum game, and the current political and market turbulence calms down.

The exact date of the $PETH token sale will be announced at a later stage.


You can get the latest information on Discord and social media or visit to find out more on the Pethereum and its amazing NFT pets.

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