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PixelPlex Provides Insights into Their Enterprise Blockchain Development and Consulting Services

PixelPlex, an enterprise blockchain company, has recently shared more details about their blockchain development and consulting services. The company explains how its enterprise blockchain engineering solutions differ from regular blockchain development services and what benefits they offer.

According to PixelPlex, their custom business solutions are designed to meet strict functional and architectural requirements. They offer complete workflow control, data security, saved man-hours, and rock-solid quality of goods and services.

The company offers a range of blockchain development services. They comprise Enterprise DLT Consulting & Audit, Custom Enterprise Blockchain Development, Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Integration, Updates & QA, Smart Contract or Chaincode Development & Audit, Enterprise Tokenization Solutions, and Enterprise DApps Development.

Furthermore, PixelPlex mentions that they utilize various enterprise blockchain platforms in their work. Depending on the client’s requirements and needs, they carefully choose the most suitable one. For now, the list of these platforms comprises Quorum, Hyperleder, EOS, Echo, R3, as well as Ripple.

As the developers at PixelPlex explain, they create enterprise blockchain solutions that can boast having a number of advantages, like high performance, seamless asynchronous flows, fast consensus protocols, parallelization, enhanced resilience, clustered ordering services, total privacy & security.

To make sure that their blockchain services will correspond to all the requirements and help users optimize processes, PixelPlex has undertaken a lot of steps. They’ve managed to combine industry-specific experience with a blockchain muscle, ensure expert tech choice and solution customization, design flexible architecture, build full-blown ecosystems, and provide comprehensive QA and tech support.

PixelPlex admits that they’re eager to cooperate with companies of all sizes: venture businesses, tech startups, innovators & entrepreneurs, manufacturers & service providers, medium-size companies, global market leaders. The industries where PixelPlex’s blockchain and consulting services come in handy include Supply Chain, Healthcare, Real Estate, Gaming, Logistics, Retail and eCommerce, eGovernance, FinTech &DeFi, Social Media, and Sharing Economy.

About PixelPlex: a custom software development company with a focus on blockchain technology. PixelPlex has launched 50+ blockchain projects and is a Hyperledger consortium and an R3 consortium member.

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Contact Person: Alexei Dulub

Contact Phone: +1 646 490 0772

Contact e-mail: [email protected]

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