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Peter David Schiff Blames Crypto for Altcoins Price Drop

Peter David Schiff Blames Crypto for Altcoins Price Drop

Peter David Schiff, a leading financial enthusiast and crypto critic, recently tweeted about the price crash of Coinbase.

Peter mentioned in his tweet that “Coinbase is down another 7% so far today, hitting a new all-time low of $136.08”.

He also gave the information that from the peak of Coinbase in November 2021, it has seen a decline of around 63% till now.

Peter blamed crypto for all this, as according to him, “every stock related to crypto is getting killed.”

And according to him, this is the clear “indicator of carnage to come in #Bitcoin and over 19,000 altcoins”.

Crypto prices in the last 24hours

For the day of April 21st, 2022, Analytics Insight has calculated the top ten current cryptocurrency values.

The price of Bitcoin is now on the rise, despite the instability of the cryptocurrency market. On the other hand, Ethereum Solana and BNB are both having a bad day.

There are currently 10 current cryptocurrency values listed as of April 21, 2022:

  • Bitcoin-US $41,927 (up by 0.44%)
  • Ethereum-US $3083.32 (down by 0.21%)
  • Tether-US $1.00 (up by 0.02%)
  • BNB-US $435.76 (down by 0.05%).
  • Solana-US $135.30 (down by 1.39%)
  • Cardano-US $1.21 (up by 2.18%)
  • Terra LUNA-US $103.75 (down by 1.40%)
  • XRP-US $0.7505 (down by 2.24%)
  • Polkadot-US $20.16 (up by 2.68%)
  • USD coin-US $0.9981 (down by 0.01%)

According to CoinMarketCap, the total cryptocurrency market volume increased by 0.23 percent in the previous 24 hours.


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