PEPE and WIF’s Rally Faces Competition: RCO Finance To Surpass Them In The Coming Months

Reports suggest PEPE and Dogwifhat (WIF) face competition from a new blockchain ICO, RCO Finance (RCOF), due to its innovative trading solutions and immense growth potential. 

Meanwhile, PEPE and WIF struggle to break $0.000018 and $3, respectively. On the other hand, RCOF is preparing for a 169% gain for the next stage. Let’s explore more!

Pepe Surpassed XRP and DOGE In Trading Volume

Pepe outpaced XRP and DOGE in trading volume in May 2024. According to a report, PEPE had a volume of $40 billion, whereas PEPE and DOGE had $34 billion and $24 billion, respectively.

With this revelation, PEPE has become one of the top 10 cryptos regarding trading activity. In May, PEPE hit an all-time high of $0.000017. Meanwhile, in the second week, PEPE was trading around $0.000012, an increase of 42% in the past month. 

This price uptick has sparked excitement in the PEPE community. Yet, technical analysts say that PEPE is currently in consolidation and trading between $0.000011 and $0.000014. Furthermore, PEPE has massive resistance at $0.000018 and must break this to reach new heights.

Meanwhile, PEPE has faced competition from one of the new blockchain ICOs–RCO Finance. It is one of the promising Web3 projects that can surpass PEPE in terms of gains in the coming months.

RCO Finance Offers Advanced AI-Powered Investing

RCO Finance, a DeFi solution with advanced AI and ML, gives tough competition to memecoins like PEPE and WIF. It is a platform that makes it easy to diversify your portfolio from its offering of over 12,500 different asset classes.

This new DeFi project offers trading in traditional assets like stocks, bonds, etc., and digital assets like cryptos, ETFs, and other RWAs. Its platform also includes an AI-powered robo advisor, making it an amazing experience for traders.

If you lack the expertise to analyze market trends and find the best investment opportunities, this robo advisor will help you. As a result, a trader will have better results from investments. 

The ability to trade crypto, shares, ETFs, and other real-world assets without needing KYC registration makes RCO Finance an attractive option for privacy-conscious investors. 

Moreover, RCOF’s smart contract is audited by SolidProof and has gained the trust of investors worldwide.

Dogwifhat Struggles Below $3 Due to a Lack of Demand

Dogwifhat hit an ATH of $4.85 in late March 2024. Since then, it has dropped over 40% and was trading around $2.70 in early June. In the past month, WIF has fallen by 15%. Investors are worried after the struggling performance of Dogwifhat in recent days.

Meanwhile, experts say that WIF experienced a surge in Open Interest each time its price bounced. However, it couldn’t sustain any upward momentum and is falling below the range of highs.

It’s crucial to note that WIF has resistance at $3.25 and good support at $2.50. Analysts say the lack of demand and downtrend in spot CVD suggest Dogwifhat is in bearish momentum. WIF must stay above its support level to prevent further decline.

This uncertainty in WIF price action has led investors to look for new DeFi projects like RCO Finance for sustainable gains in the coming months.

RCOF Promises Amazing Returns Never Seen Before!

Stage 1 of RCOF is going smoothly; over 17 million allocated tokens have already been sold. In the ongoing presale stage, RCOF is valued at $0.0127. Reports suggest it will be priced at $0.0343 in Stage 2, a 169% increase from the current price.

Even more exciting is that RCOF offers over 3,000% profit by the time of listing. Thus, investors are moving from top altcoins like PEPE and WIF towards RCOF. Industry experts also backed RCOF for its ongoing impressive presale run.

For more information about the RCO Finance Presale:

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