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PayPal Tipped off Detectives about a Movie Pirate Bringing Millions in Cryptocurrency


As per reports, US authorities seized more than 4 million dollar worth of cryptocurrency along with cash. Authorities seized this whooping amount as a result of movie piracy. Reportedly, HSI together with MPAA conducted the investigation. PayPal is the one that gave information to the detectives of this case.

For the record, HIS is Homeland security Investigations while MPAA is Motion Picture Association of America. However, the investigation is going on since October 2013. At that time, PayPal informed HIS of two illegal services of streaming. To bring in light, the two alleged streaming services are and Curiously, the pirate site owner held a diversified portfolio including top cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies in the list were Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

As per documents from the court, Oregon federal court reviews the case. But, the US authorities seek to forfeit seized funds. According to them, the alleged streaming site owner was involved in conspiring copyright infringement. In addition to that, they also suspect him of money laundering.

Alleged websites distributed illegally copyrighted works

After the report of HIS to MPAA regarding streaming services, MPAA found the reality of the case. In reality, the websites distributed copyrights illegally. Additionally, the website generated large revenue through subscription payments. The website used payment methods of PayPal and Stripe.

Following the investigation, MPAA sent a letter to shortly. Particularly, the letter was a cease-and-desist one. The film industry association also sent a similar letter to the websites which are associated with

Despite complying with the orders, Noobroom again does something out of the box. As per revelation of MPAA, the website notified its users that it moved their respective accounts. Precisely, Noobroom moved user’s accounts from its website to a fresh domain. Reportedly, the domain goes by the name Eventually, MPAA finds that the new domain, is linked to additional portals. Interestingly, the two additional portals are piracy portals, namely, and

MPAA finds a suspect named Talon White involved in the case

Furthermore, the film association finds that the manager of those websites. MPAA found an individual who goes by the name Talon White. Moreover, Noobroom generated its revenue via subscription payments and then moved to his bank account. As per MPAA, initially, the revenue was in Stripe account of the streaming service. Then, it went to the bank account which White controls.

On the other hand, court files say that Noobroom with its associates received about 80 thousand payments. And, these payments were each $9.99 made between October 2015 and 2016’s December. The total revenue that Noobroom generated with its associates was $789,060.

Similarly, the investigation brings light to some other aspects. The investigation detected about 7,611 payments each $25.49. The total amount from those data amounts to $194,004.39. Surprisingly, another payment features with 5,348 payments each 44.99 dollars. With this payment, the revenue that the website collected is 240,606.52 dollar. Also during the end of 2017 and 2018, Noobroom received about 6,373,816.57 dollars.

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