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Pawtocol – Transforming the Petcare Industry with Blockchain


There are over 200 million pets in the US alone. For pet keepers and animal lovers, pets are not just animals but members of the family that are treated with equal (sometimes even more) love and care. But while raising pets is a wonderful experience, it is not an easy task. 

Every year, Americans spend millions of dollars on pet care and services, hoping to get the best of the best for their pets. And yet, thousands of pets die each year due to faulty products such as pet food or toys or get lost due to a lack of constant watchful care, something not all pet owners can afford. 

But what if we tell you that we have a solution to all your pet care needs? Introducing Pawtocol, the world’s most advanced, Blockchain and AI-powered pet wellness community — the one-stop solution to all your pet care needs.

What is Pawtocol? 

Pawtocol is a blockchain-driven disruptive platform that provides a global online community of pet lovers who not only connect with other pet lovers, breeders, and enthusiasts to stay updated about what’s happening in the world of pet care but also monetize their pet’s data for digital cash. 

Additionally, Pawtocol is a software that allows pet owners to record, collect and manage their pet’s data in a single, digital place that is easy to track. The data is collected through different sources such as veterinarians, physical logs and other devices that support the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Since it is driven by disruptive technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain, Pawtocol adapts to the data provided by users and ensures safety and transparency when it comes to choosing the right care plan for pets. 

How does Pawtocol help pet parents?

Essentially, Pawtocol helps pet parents collect and process data related to the well being of their pets using a variety of tools. These include sensors that can detect and track physical data of your pets in real-time so that you are always in control of your pets’ well being. The data allows pet parents to observe patterns in their pets’ health and predict, even prevent diseases. 

Through its app, Pawtocol also helps connect a global community of pet lovers to the right pet care professionals, veterinarians, nutritionists, breeders, pet walkers and others that can offer the perfect, tailored plan of action to take care of your pet’s needs. 

Additionally, it provides pet parents with Universal Pet Income (UPI). This is a form of tokenized digital currency that Pawtocol users can earn by sharing data about their pets, thus, monetizing pet data to earn tokens that can be used to get your pet more goods and superior services available on the platform. The idea is to reverse the traditional system, where users enriched a pet network with their data and insights. Pawtocol not only uses the data to make intelligent suggestions but also allows users to grow with the platform and gain tangible benefits. 

Pawtocol does not just help parents but also the pet care industry by helping petcare professionals cut advertising costs by bringing quality consumers right to their doorsteps. 

But perhaps one of the most important uses of Pawtocol ensures the safety of your pet. Through its blockchain-powered network, Pawtocol ensures that all the products such as pet food, medicines, supplements, toys as well services such as dog-walkers, medical and health professionals and breeders that are recommended on the platform are completely safe and verified. 

Since blockchain is a digital ledger that records and saves transactions for all involved parties to access without allowing any changes to be made, pet parents can be sure the information provided on the platform is 100 percent verifiable. 

How to use Pawtocol?

Pawtocol comes with a physical wellness scanner called Paws. the hand-held scanner analyzes your pet’s data at a molecular level using superior IoT technology. The scanner’s readings can provide pet owners will all the details regarding their pet’s health as well as the food they eat and the toys they play with. The scanner can identify the origin and ingredients of pet food and tell you exactly where all ingredients came from, whether they are approved by standard authorities and whether they are the most optimum in terms of price. 

Pawtocol also includes digital dog tags that can be physically worn by pets. Unlike traditional dog tags with just a name and phone number, these dog tags are powered by IoT. In case a pet is lost, anyone with a mobile phone or tablet can scan the dog tag and find out all the information about the pet that the owner chooses to provide. 

This is important because apart from the name and address of the pet and its owner, the tag could also be updated with pertinent medical information about the dog such as food or medicine allergies and clinical conditions.

A Futuristic Superhero for Your Furry Friends

Most pet care apps and platforms that allow parents to record and track their pet’s data comes with limited benefits. But with Pawtocol, continued use helps both pet owners, as well as the platform, to grow. The AI aspect of Pawtocol allows it to learn from the data and insights pet parents provide. Thus with every new discovery and innovation, with every new piece of information it is fed, the system learns and adapts. And these learnings are applied to help a global community of pet care to better understand their pets while also making money from what their pets tell them. 

Despite being unable to communicate with words, pets tell their humans plenty of things through their body language and various fuzzy signs. With Pawtocol, pet parents can finally understand what their pets are saying.

If you love and find value in what Pawtocol is doing, Join the PAWvolution today. To be a part of the community, visit

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