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With the recent boom of blockchain and digital collectibles, there is a boom in NFT marketplaces as well. With dozens of NFT marketplaces on different blockchains, such as Ethereum, it has become challenging to keep track of marketplaces that are bringing quality art to their audience. Despite their vitality, these markets are filled with low-effort work, weak community engagement, and a lack of sense of curation. 

Paras, a new player in the NFT marketplace, built on the NEAR blockchain, is changing the way NFT marketplaces are working these days with a far more curated approach to the NFT marketplace as well as the community. 

Let’s understand how Paras is bringing the change; the NFT marketplaces need: 

New Blockchain, New Approach

By launching the NFT marketplace on the NEAR blockchain, which is faster, simpler, and comparatively cheaper than other NFT marketplaces such as Opensea or rarible. 

Like any other traditional art marketplace, select the work that will go on the exhibition; Paras is taking a curatorial approach to the artist’s works. By bringing the selection process into the NFT marketplace, Paras is trying to ensure the consistent quality of the art displayed on its platform.

For the artists to get their artwork displayed on the website, they need to apply to create new cards on the Paras NFT marketplace. The Paras Marketplace will only approve 30 contemporary artists every week who follow all its guidelines to ensure quality and add to its value. 

Collection based releases

All the new artworks are released in the collection to make it easier for the buyer to get an overview of the artist’s skill as well as to get a look at some other related pieces. Most importantly, though, these curated collections offer artists the opportunity to present their perspectives on a given topic or tell a story. 

With each collection, each NFT artwork is given more context and meaning. If you enjoy browsing art galleries, you can read about each work of art to better understand the artist’s method and technique. 


Consistent Quality

The curated collection also makes it possible and easier to organize the cards with interactions. When you own a Paras collection, you’ll appreciate its consistency, function, and organization, so if you collected trading cards as a kid (or adult), then you’ll enjoy Paras. 

A place made for Creators

Paras values narrative, character development, and worldbuilding. Thanks to the collection’s curation, collectors can examine background texts and other information on the backs of cards and how characters interact within and between collections. When appropriate, works can link to literature, music, and other conventional media forms.

Going beyond the current technology

The technological aspects of NEAR may play a role in its suitability for NFT marketplaces like Paras. NEAR’s guiding principle is to empower individuals who wish to shape the future through technology, ideas, or participation in a community of creators and supporters. Paras is an excellent example of how NEAR may help open up new methods to communicate ideas, link groups, and create value on the web. If you’re interested in learning more, you may look into NEAR’s vision and Paras.

Summing it up

The curatorial approach of Paras releases creativity rather than inhibiting it. Artists are encouraged to include a range of topics and techniques and to create both still pictures and motion graphics.

In addition, the formats foster something that most other blockchain marketplaces lack: dedicated spaces for artists to share their stories and connect with their communities. There is more to art than merely an image. The Paras platform allows artists to bring collectors behind the scenes and show their body of work in context while fostering community to encourage discussion and appreciation. 

You can browse Paras Marketplace at .

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