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The current downturn being faced by many universities and colleges all over the world when it comes to student enrolment has forced many institutions to turn to higher education marketing experts for assistance. Without higher education marketing today, universities and colleges would find it difficult to attract and maintain the most suitable candidates.

As such, for these institutions to realize successful enrolment numbers, particularly as it concerns undergraduate enrolments, it all has to start with great marketing strategies. Not only is higher education marketing paramount for identifying potential student markets in this digitally motivated contemporary environment that we live in today, but it is also critical for establishing a brand identity that is consistent with a higher institution’s core values.

Smart strategies for higher education marketing that institutions can use:

Mobile matters

Today’s prospective students live and operate in a mobile world. Using smartphones for nearly every aspect of their lives, today’s students live in a mobile-first world. For institutions of higher learning to attract the calibre of students that they need, it has become vital for them to pay close attention to mobile-first advertising that can ensure that their marketing plans work successfully.

Save as much money as possible

Higher education accounts are usually challenging to account managers mainly because of the budgetary constraints in place. To put it plain and simple, higher education keywords are usually some of the most expensive with some costing as high as $60 to $70 per click, which can be extremely challenging for account marketers dealing with tight budgets.

To help you make the most of your budget, what you can do is try saving as much money as you can that can then be used for the busiest times of the year. Paid search management can be tricky to pull off successfully. But when there exist financial constraints, it definitely makes it a lot harder to ensure success. Click here for more info.

Branding is as important as every

For higher education marketing to occur successfully, proper branding must be in place. However, a lot of higher education institutions are still struggling to find their footing in today’s digital realm and many must find ways to update their branding in order to succeed digitally.

A higher education brand that is associated with quality education and alumni success, for instance, has a much higher chance of succeeding when it comes to higher education marketing compared to a brand that does not. Therefore, a strong brand is not only essential for success but also critical as well.


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