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Ozalentour: A French Startup is Creating a Surprise in the World of Stablecoins !

Ethereum-based platform Ozalentour is leveraging blockchain technology to create an effective co-relation between a decentralized marketplace and a social network involving human experiences. Ozalentour IEO’s second phase is now live, after a successful first round! 

There is no denying the fact that crypto-oriented blockchain projects are popping up from every nook and corner these days. However, not all of those are led by credible entrepreneurs with enough idea of what they are actually trying to achieve. Hence, more often than not flashy cryptocurrency platforms, promising to solve big-shot problems, end up failing miserably, or get swiped out due to lack of regulatory noncompliance. Having said that, some crypto projects are actually proposing something effective and trustworthy, rather than just riding the fancy trends. Ozalentour is one of those. 

About Ozalentour

Ozalentour is a platform that is leveraging blockchain technology to optimize the human experience in regard to proximity-based services and other social activities. It is led by credible entrepreneurs with a proven track record. They have been developing the platform for the last six years, and have already established strong partnerships with prominent regulatory bodies. Moreover, Ozalentour has also developed an organic community of more than 130,000 members across its social channels, and has above 1.2 million site visits over the last year or so. In 2019, it won the Audience Prize of the Lille edition of the CIC Pitch Challenge. 

Team Ozalentour

What is Ozalentour all about? 

Ozalentour is a blockchain-backed ecosystem that enables users to exchange goods, services, and value while creating an effective co-relation between a decentralized marketplace and a social network involving human experiences. 

Ozalentour aims to create a fresh economy that will help users of the platform to benefit from a decentralized anti-crisis portfolio at any time within a social market place involving human experiences including but not limited to Leisure Activities, Bars & Restaurants, Bargains, Proximity Services. 

Most sellers and service providers currently depend on banking intermediaries to trigger a transaction with buyers. Once fully operational Ozalentour will enable buyers and sellers on the platform to seamlessly interact with each other without being interrupted by greedy intermediaries, as in the case of traditional marketplaces. 

Ozaphyre Token and Investment Opportunities

The Ozalentour platform is powered by its native token named Ozaphyre (OZP). To put it simply, OZP token holders will be able to transact goods and services on the Ozalentour platform, and will also enjoy exclusive benefits. 

OZP is an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum Blockchain

It is backed to various partner markets, along with collateral comprising of 25% in Ether. According to the Whitepaper, “The objective of OZAPHYRE (OZP) is to offer a useful asset stabilized on the average value of the Euro over the past 5 years. This digital asset playing the role of local currency aims to facilitate exchanges and transfers of money between users, to provide a unique payment, collection system, simple, free, and eco-responsible.”

Ozalentour has already successfully finished the first round of its fundraising campaign (IEO) on ABIT.COM. As of now, it is executing the second phase on The second phase went live on 8th May and is scheduled to run for one month. The total circulating supply for this round is 500,000 OZPs. The last round will have a total supply of 200,000 OZPs.

Note also that its founder plans to translate into English by the end of 2020

OZP tokens are expected to be listed on ABIT,  P2PB2B the July 14th. 

Note: Please do your own research and attain enough understanding before investing in any crypto-oriented platform. 

Ozalentour IEO:

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