Own NFT Land in Moon Metaverse and Earn Riches Among the Stars

Moon Metaverse sends players on an epic sci-fi journey set among the stars. Create a character, develop a new world, and become one of the first to colonize the Moon. The space-age play-to-earn game recently completed a successful private land sale and has just released its much-anticipated astronomical globe for sale.


Featuring a lunar landscape composed of 126,000 revenue-generating NFT land plots, the globe is highly detailed and fully explorable. Moon’s potential landowners finally have complete freedom over the planning of their space-exploration mission and can take advantage of the increased availability of land and resources. 


Each lunar NFT will be a smart investment for those looking to profit from the rise of the metaverse. Land plots grant their owners the opportunity to participate in Moon’s player-driven economy by building homes, starting businesses, and taking part in a wide range of other activities that generate revenue.


Prepare to explore another world and venture through the Moon’s deserts, craters, and mountain ranges. Purchase an awe-inspiring view of Earth by setting up on the near side of the Moon, or explore the great unknown with a piece of land on the infamous dark side.


Taking inspiration from legendary strategy games such as Civilizations and Age of Empires, Moon Metaverse promises players unparalleled levels of freedom as they embark on a thrilling journey to uncover the mysteries of the Moon. 


Visit the globe today to start your adventure.


Why Buy Moon’s Lunar Land?


Moon is set to revolutionize the NFT gaming market by providing its players with seemingly limitless opportunities to explore and earn.


The value of NFT land plots can be increased through smart, strategic gameplay. They will generate income passively as businesses and players begin participating in lunar life by working and paying taxes. Every transaction that takes place on a land plot generates income for its owner in the form of Moon’s native token.


Prospective landowners have the complete lunar landscape at their disposal, including highly sought-after locations such as the North Pole and large desert craters. Each can be bought, sold, rented, and developed as players wish by using Moon tokens. 


Moon’s player-driven ecosystem has been intelligently designed to support the long-term value of the token whilst increasing demand for its finite plots of land, in-game resources, and tools. Moon tokens will be earned from a range of in-game activities and can be held for long-term appreciation, sold on crypto exchanges, or simply fed back into the game to continue Hex development. 

Space-Age Gameplay 


The Moon community’s ultimate mission is to surpass the Moon landings of the late 60s, and early 70s by creating the first lunar colony. The core gameplay revolves around the control of NFT land plots spread across the entirety of the lunar surface. These virtual lands act as the game’s most important and valuable assets.


  • Players will form clans and work together to develop Moon countries.
  • Create interplanetary trade routes and build profitable businesses.
  • Negotiate through political disputes and navigate the fierce conflicts that can arise during such volatile periods.
  • Discover mysteries and debunk conspiracy theories by exploring the dark side of the Moon.


Moon Metaverse is set to launch later this year. Be among the first to experience life on the Moon by visiting the globe today. Adventure awaits you!

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