Organization and Communication are the Keys to Productivity, Says Seaquake CEO

Consistent communication and organization are the keys to staying productive and on track, says Seaquake CEO and Co-founder Andrew Katz. Seaquake is a developer of an institutional-grade infrastructure needed to scale any project globally by providing robust liquidity supported by deep analytics, customized dashboards, and tailored project consultancy.

The company’s team of creative thinkers works remotely. A typical day includes team strategy sessions, routine check-ins, communication with investors, and the use of collaborative tools, he says. Analysis and strategy also help the team stay organized to accomplish the most important daily tasks. Staying organized is also essential to maintaining a work-life balance.

“When things are properly scheduled, tracked, and aligned with your goal, you’re better positioned to make time for the personal and the professional,” Katz says.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Seaquake’s success depends on innovation and bringing new ideas to life. Katz says the most effective way to do this is through conversation and a willingness to operate outside your comfort zone.

While he enjoys the energy of his leadership team, Andrew Katz is always pursuing knowledge and working to solve problems. The company’s tech stack is modular and has multiple uses, so the team can create, test, and put strategies live quickly. He says that the ability to pivot is a large part of the company’s success.

The Future of Seaquake

Seaquake’s roadmap calls for eventually offering a complete crypto ecosystem. The company also seeks to push the overall growth of the crypto market, especially its institutional growth.

Katz and CTO Dylan Knight founded the company in 2016. Investors include SOSV, China Accelerator, Artesian, Blockchain Founders Fund, Red Spark, and Scalex.

Before founding Seaquake, Katz worked in hedge funds, banking, and private banking. His resume includes roles at EFG Bank, Zooz Capital, LeGarde Capital, and UBS. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics and finance at the University of Colorado-Boulder and his master’s degree in finance at Harvard University.

Knight has more than 9 years of tech infrastructure experience, from building high-frequency OMS to SRE Roles.


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